Friday, October 4, 2019

7QT: Meeting Famous People (Matthew Slater) and Other Happenings from the Week


Well the most exciting thing that happened to me this week was that I got to meet Matthew Slater from the Patriots!  

That was the first photo I saw, and I nearly killed Phil, thinking it was the only one he took!  But it wasn't.  He also took many of me looking completely crazy and starstruck.  Maybe one day I'll be cool.

He came to talk at a Catholic School Fundraising event, and I snuck up to his table between the salad course and the main entree to ask him to autograph the Patriot Yearbook I had brought with me.  He was soooooo nice about it all, and he is my new favorite Patriot.  Sorry Edelman!


Andrew's birthday is today!  FIFTEEN!  I'll write a proper birthday post later, but I am excited to celebrate him tonight, especially because he chose Phil's famous chocolate chip cookies as his dessert :)

Xander's excited about the cookies too

Brendan has Hand Foot and Mouth Disease.  Ugh.  One of the worst viruses because you can't do anything for it, and they don't want to eat, and they're most contagious when you don't even know they are sick.  He's almost fully recovered now, much happier, no fever, and not contagious.


I made Ina Garten's 40 Clove Chicken for dinner last night, and it was yummy!  I completely tweaked the recipe because I used only chicken breasts, subbed brandy for cognac, and used minced garlic because I didn't have any cloves.  I want to try it again the real way one day, but it was delicious this way too.  Honestly, I've never met a recipe I haven't tweaked.


How cute is this photo of my munchkins from last weekend?

It was from our elementary schools's Harvest Fest, which looked like Fall but felt  like Summer.  We have had a few cooler days this week, so it's finally happening!  Everyone around here is desperate for the first frost to kill the mosquitoes after all the EEE deaths in our area this year.


Tomorrow, Phil is proctoring the SAT Exam so I'm solo with the kids all morning.  I have to get Xander to piano, the dog to the groomer, Maggie to soccer, Declan to soccer, and JP and Andrew to work by the time he gets home.  I can do hard things, right?


Tomorrow night, we have a dinner at our church for the people who have a weekly Adoration hour, so Phil and I are going to that.  Then on Sunday, our school has the start of the 10 year NEASC visit, so I have to go to a dinner for that as well.  It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it ;)

Have a wonderful football watching, healthy, non-cooking weekend everybody!  See Kelly for more!


  1. I hope no one else gets it! HFM is bad. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. My project manager self would be calculating the best route to take to get everyone where they need to go and plotting it on the map. #OCDfortheWin


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