Monday, December 23, 2019

A Cape Codder Resort Family Getaway

Last year, I found out that a nice hotel on the Cape, The Cape Codder Resort, had some fun Christmas-y things going on.  I told Phil, and we planned to drive down one late afternoon/evening before Christmas.  But, fate decided to interrupt those plans by giving us all the stomach bug, one at a time.  So this year I was more determined than ever to go!  

Begin Rant:

{I actually used to work at this hotel, as a waitress in the breakfast restaurant, during the summer between high school and college.  I waitressed from 6 am until 1 pm, went home, ran some miles, showered, napped, and then worked at my parent's ice cream store from 5 - 11 pm, closed the store, got home at midnight, sleep and repeat.  Plus, I babysat every Friday night.  I think I lived off of yogurt, strawberries and ice cream that summer.  It was a busy time, spent saving up money for college, and it's why I can't stand the sight of a lazy teenager.  Go get a job already!  At least one!  I always had two or three!!!}

End rant.

Anyways, all that was just to say that I used to work at the Cape Codder, and now I wanted to go with my family and actually *enjoy it*.  We decided to make it a Christmas gift to each other and stay  overnight.  Live the good life for once, ya know?  

And boy, was it the good life for 24 hours :)

We checked into the hotel and took the kids out to dinner at Friendly's.  Not the parent's fave, but the younger ones certainly love it.  

Then we went back, got changed and headed to the indoor water park!

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you a story!  When we had first arrived to the waterpark, a lovely lady came over to me and said "I read your blog!"  I've never been recognized like that, and it was so surreal!  Of course, I awkwardly tried to cover myself up in my bathing suit and stumbled over my words, but shout out to Christine, and thank you for introducing yourself!  (Gosh, I hope that's her name, I'm horrible with names!)

They even had an outdoor heated pool that we swam in on that winter night!  So cool!  Well, warm actually ;)

Then we showered and got pj's on and headed around to see the aforementioned Christmas-y things.  The outside was all lit up, with Christmas music playing and hot chocolate flowing.  My favorite was this lobster trap Christmas tree.  Only on the Cape!  And maybe Maine!  I have such a thing for lobster traps, even our living room coffee table and end tables are lobster traps!  I'm also especially fond of lobster.  With lots of butter :)

We went inside to hear the carolers...

Xander and I are the musical ones in the family - as evidenced by those faces

Finally we got a photo with Santa!

The elf kinda looks like JP, and John Paul Jones
 Our rooms were connected, so once we got the littles to sleep, and the big ones set up with the tv, Phil and I headed down to the bar and got a Hot Honey Pesto pizza - so good!!  Oh what fun it is to sneak away for a date :)

The next morning, we took the early risers out to Trader Joe's (since we don't have one near our house, it's a special treat) and the little carts just made Declan and Brendan's day.

Then we ate breakfast at the Hearth and Kettle, which used to be my favorite breakfast restaurant growing up, but now is kinda meh.

We had such a nice time together, and I know the days are coming when we all won't sleep under the same roof each night, so it makes these moments all the sweeter.  Once JP leaves for college, we'll have a kid leaving every other year (just about) until poof! gone.   While Phil and I often dream of the day when we are back to just two of us in the house, I know when it actually happens, we will miss these days tremendously.  So until then, I will choose making memories > getting things any day.

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  1. That is so awesome, and a good reminder to live it while you have it. God bless!


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