Friday, March 13, 2020

7QT Friday: Toilet Paper, Mother's Rings, and an Easter GIVEAWAY!

What a weird week!  Linking up with Kelly because I need some normalcy this week.


 I ordered groceries from Walmart (so nice to NOT have to go into the store during this viral outbreak), including toilet paper, and when Phil went to pick it up, they said the toilet paper was out of stock.  I thought they meant they didn't have the brand/size I had ordered (I don't watch the news) and asked him to go inside and get some other kind.  He went inside (which defeats the whole grocery pick up) and sent me this picture:

I immediately get on amazon and start looking for toilet paper, which was impossible to find in stock!  I was thiiiiiis close to buying industrial huge rolls when Phil called to say the Walmart closer to our house had some in stock.  So I sent JP out to buy some, and he came home with five 4 packs of toilet paper. It's amazing how a store being out of something sends us into a panic for that item!


My nieces and nephew, who live in a different part of Massachusetts, have school closed because someone from their town has contracted the virus.  We haven't heard of school closings nearby yet, but I'm thinking they will be closed next week.  Everything else is being canceled or postponed, including spring sports at our high school.  Maggie's CYO team was heading to the finals, but they just cancelled the season.  She was so bummed as they really had a shot at winning this year.

It seems like everybody is just trying to get through the rest of March to resume normal activities.  Lent, you are really extra this year.


We are still planning on traveling in April, and visiting colleges with JP, but if the campus shut down, I'm not sure what we will do.  We still want to visit family, but we don't want to travel in April only to have to travel again in May to visit schools.  What a mess.


Anyway, how about we talk about some nice things?  I have been searching for Mother's rings, partly because I'm off social media for Lent and don't know what to do with my phone, and partly because the older I get, the closer I get to actually buying one.  I've always wanted to make sure no more babies would be born after I get the ring, ya know?  Then I found stackable rings, like these, that I thought might work better! I can get seven rings, and if another baby ever makes his/her way into our family, I can just add another.  What do you think?  One ring with all the birthstones or stackable birthstone rings?


New roof, who dis?

Nine guys came and replaced our roof in 1 day, how cool!  If you are in the area and need a recommendation, here you go.



Anthony DeStefano is coming out with a new book about Mary, called Our Lady's Wardrobe, just in time for Easter!  

You can preview the book here, it looks like it contains beautiful illustrations and descriptions of Mary's apparitions and as I love Our Lady, it is right up my alley.  I'm definitely putting this book in our Easter Basket and you can too!  Just leave me a comment, telling me your favorite Marian apparition, and I'll pick a winner next Friday, March 20.  Good luck!


If you're looking for an Easter stuffer for your basket(s), may I suggest Utz Cotton Tails?  

They are so deliciously addictive and take up a lot of room in a basket :)  Bonus, Walmart still has them in stock, unlike the toilet paper.

May you have a healthy, happy, toilet paper filled weekend everybody!!  


  1. Lourdes! I know, very common but still.

  2. Our Lady of Częstochowa

  3. My daughter is named for Our Lady of Fatima. I've actually never really liked that particular apparition too much (it always seemed very doom and gloom), but when I got pregnant with my daughter the name stuck out to us. And it was 2017, the year of the hundredth anniversary of the apparition.

    After she was born, I went to the birth center for a post natal appointment. The lady behind the front desk (who I had chatted with constantly,liked a lot and knew was very involved in her Protestant church) asked the baby's name, and when I told her "Fatima", her eyes lit up and she asked if it was after Our Lady of Fatima.

    Turns out this woman's adoptive grandmother was from Fatima Portugal, was actually PRESENT at the Miracle of the Sun in 1917 (the final Fatima apparition) and after she had immigrated to New York, had made a pilgrimage to Fatima every year of her life until she died.

    The place where my daughter was born had a (surprisingly direct) link to who we named her for.

    So...Our Lady of Fatima is the one that's dropped into our life, lol.

  4. Wow, what a beautiful book! I love that Mary looks so young as she was actually just a girl. My favorite is Our Lady of Lourdes.

  5. Lourdes and Fatima, both so beautiful. I would pick Lourdes, Bernadette so innocent and naive


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