Friday, March 27, 2020

7QT: The I Feel Lucky and Grateful Edition

TGIF and Quarantine Week Two under our belts.  I don't know if it's the sunshine or what, but I'm feeling very lucky and grateful this week.  Linking up with Kelly, and away we go...


My sister-in-law sent this, and it gave me a good chuckle.  I actually have been thinking a lot about single people during this time.  It must be so hard to live alone, and not be able to hang out with friends or go on dates.  I feel so lucky to already be married and have a family!


I also feel so lucky to live near the ocean.  When my daily walks include scenes like this, how can I complain?

Lucy has never logged so many miles - we walked her 8 miles just yesterday alone!

The dance video, featuring the families of the four girls in my family (my brothers are apparently lame!), that we all recorded separately and edited together can be seen right here.  Grateful for creative family members who make life more entertaining.  It's funny, I think I'm a pretty good dancer until I see myself on camera ;)  


The stimulus is coming, the stimulus is coming!  It actually pays to have a bunch of kids and a low income ;)  We are replacing Phil's 10-year-old van soon, and this moolah is super helpful!  My money motto is that God giveth and God taketh away.  We are going to get this car:
Nothing screams Catholic or Mormon like a 12 passenger van!

I am really missing social media right now, as the social aspect of it all is attractive during the quarantine.  But, I know that makes my Lenten sacrifice all the better.  And since I'm not doing too much else for Lent, I'm grateful to stick with this.  That being said, if anyone wants to text me anything interesting that I'm missing, feel free :)


I'm super grateful for our high school, who hasn't missed a beat with online learning.  You can read about us here.


I'm really and truly grateful to all of you reading along, and all of you who are updating your blogs.  I love reading but hate commenting, and want you to know that you're appreciated!!!!

Have a wonderful, peaceful, stress-eating, dog-walking LAST WEEKEND IN MARCH (wut?) everybody!

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