Friday, March 20, 2020

7QT: Week One of the Coronavirus Quarantine

Joining with Kelly today at the end of the craziest week ever?!?!


I saw this on twitter and had to laugh.  We just made the cutoff with our family of nine!!


"No gatherings of 10 or more people"

Big Families:

"One of you has to go"


While the big kids have been busy with schoolwork, Brendan's wonderful preschool teachers have been sending videos that make our morning so lovely.  On St. Joseph's Day, he happily ate a rice cake with nutella (sweets for the feast!) and learned about the planets. 


I don't have any St. Patrick's Day photos from this year :(  I really need to get a camera.  We did all dress up in green, and I baked scones and shepherd's pie and we had key lime pie for dessert.  On St. Joseph's Day we had spaghetti and meatballs and cannoli (from a local restaurant) to celebrate.  Those feast days definitely helped this Lenteny week feel better.  Looking forward to the Annunciation and my mom's birthday next week!


The littles enjoyed doing Cosmic Kids Yoga one rainy morning...I'm not a yoga fan, but it kept them entertained for a bit.  I think we will go back to P90X on rainy days.


My brother-in-law sent me this:

Guys, this house is getting smaller and smaller.  Do you feel the same?


This is how the big kids workout on rainy days:

Little kid boxing gloves here and adult-sized gloves and mitts.  It really is fun and extremely tiring!


And now for the winner of Anthony DeStefano's new book....

CONGRATS to JP2GiannaT!  How could I not pick her after she wrote this comment:

My daughter is named for Our Lady of Fatima. I've actually never really liked that particular apparition too much (it always seemed very doom and gloom), but when I got pregnant with my daughter the name stuck out to us. And it was 2017, the year of the hundredth anniversary of the apparition.

After she was born, I went to the birth center for a postnatal appointment. The lady behind the front desk (who I had chatted with constantly, liked a lot and knew was very involved in her Protestant church) asked the baby's name, and when I told her "Fatima", her eyes lit up and she asked if it was after Our Lady of Fatima.

Turns out this woman's adoptive grandmother was from Fatima Portugal, was actually PRESENT at the Miracle of the Sun in 1917 (the final Fatima apparition) and after she had immigrated to New York, had made a pilgrimage to Fatima every year of her life until she died.

The place where my daughter was born had a (surprisingly direct) link to who we named her for.

So...Our Lady of Fatima is the one that's dropped into our life, lol.

Please email me your name and address so I can get the book shipped out to you pronto!

I hope everybody has a restful, sane, cuddle-with-your-favorite-buddy kind of weekend!


  1. I'll get it to you!

    I rarely win stuff, this is exciting, lol.

  2. Great post, thanks for sharing! It looks like your family's fairing pretty well in the quarantine. I love the video of your big kids working out, and how they watch out for the littles. I don't usually comment, but just wanted to say that I really love your blog, and reading about your wonderful family!

  3. Oh my goodness - I love the Fatima story! Sounds like things are going well during your quarantine. I hope week two goes just a well1


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