Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Things I Want to Remember, March 2020

Eamon (7th grade) and Maggie (6th grade) are in the middle of CYO basketball playoffs.  Maggie's team is very good, as they have played together for three years and she's quite certain they will take home the trophy.  Maggie is so tall, strong, smart, and fears nobody on the court.  She's a beast and I love to watch her play.  Eamon hasn't hit his growth spurt yet (late bloomer!) but that doesn't stop him from dominating on the court.  He is an incredibly smart, generous point guard with a nice shot.  He scored three three's in the game last night and his coach told him after the game, "That's why I always tell you to shoot more!!"  Gosh, I love watching him play too.  Total basketball mom over here, I admit it, and I'll continue screaming from the stands to prove it.

We've been watching old home videos of the oldest three boys (back when we had a gigantic video camera) and it has been a good reminder of how we need to be raising our youngest set of boys.  The older boys were so innocent and easy to please!  We didn't have much, they didn't expect much, and they were so sheltered from the world.  I've been having lots of conversations with the older kids about being good examples for the younger ones, and trying to dial back what we allow them to watch on tv.  It's a weird transition to go from raising only littles who watch VeggieTales, to raising all ages, because suddenly our 3 year old can use an ipad and watches the Avengers.  Our eldest wasn't allowed to touch screens, or watch anything slightly questionable until he was so much older.  Anyway, it's been a good reminder to try and keep the littles little as much as possible.  We've been praying the family rosary and watching old episodes of Dora the Explorer :)  Brendan has been telling me how much he wants to marry me when he's a man, and even though I explain that I'm married to Dad and he will find his own lady to marry, he insists it will be me.  My little motherboy.

Brendan's 1st swim lesson!
John-Paul has picked his classes for senior year, and he has thoroughly impressed us with his academic motivation.  This year, he's taking three AP courses plus five college courses (which count as AP high school classes).  Next year, he's signed up for four more AP classes.  He'll have taken six year-long science courses by graduation (seven if you count AP Psychology) which is just amazing to me.  He seems to really know he wants to work in the medical field, and understands he needs great grades to get good scholarships for college.  Gosh, when I think about how unorganized and unmotivated he has been at times, it's wonderful to see the growth.  Mamas, don't give up!  Keep encouraging and helping them along while allowing them to be independent enough to bloom on their own.  It's a fine balance, but God will give you the grace to know what to do.  (She tells herself as she types).

Sleeping beauty.

Lucy, our Goldendoodle, is just so cute.  I don't talk about her much, but she has been responsible for keeping our marriage sailing smoothly.  OK, she's not solely responsible, but taking walks with her is like a little date each night for Phil and I.  As the kids grow, and some are especially nosy, ahem, getting out of the house to talk and connect is soooo important.  Nightly walks are just what the (love) doctor ordered.  Also, actual date nights (like to our friend's 40th birthday party) are taken by prescription whenever possible.

That is JUST a centerpiece, not a real drink!
Last summer, we all stayed indoors due to the high EEE threat.  This winter, we are all being extra cautious due to COVID-19.  It's weird, feeling like a bug (of the insect or medical variety) can take us out at any moment.  I alternate between feeling like "If I go, it's my time to go!" and "Please Lord, don't take me yet!"  In other possible health related news, we have a huge coyote that has been roaming around our town, so that's fun.  He was in our backyard at one point, after having chased a cat up to the top of our Mary statue.

Actual coyote in our neighborhood.
And that, my dears, is about all my brain can unload.  Thanks for reading, as always!

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