Friday, December 4, 2020

7QT: A Thanksgiving Bummer, Two Officers, and Simple Advent Plans


Check it.

Can I be real a second?

For just a millisecond?

Let down my guard and tell the people how I feel a second?

Thanksgiving was a bummer.  There, I said it.  I tried, really tried to rally my enthusiasm and have a wonderful day at home, but little things kept going wrong - like the restaurant we were going to order the chicken fingers from was closed even though they were supposed to be open, and it was pouring outside so we couldn't run the family turkey trot or football game. Phil was working on a project for most of the day (not blaming him, he is doing it for me!) and we couldn't see anyone...and it all added up to the lamest Thanksgiving ever.  Which is saying something, considering that one Thanksgiving morning years ago, as we were getting ready to head up to New Hampshire to my brother's house who was hosting my whole family, Alexander started throwing up and we had to cancel and eat whatever food we had in the house instead.  But yeah, this one felt even worse than that one.  I tried to salvage the day by decorating for Christmas that night, which helped my spirits for about an hour before the inevitable fatigue and stress of decorating kicked in.  Now, let me be clear that my kids and husband seemed to have a great day, and I wasn't literally moping around, but internally I was Debbie Downer.  I just don't want another pandemic holiday for Christmas, but I don't see how it's going to be any better??

Geesh Colleen, snap out of it! 

I know, you're right.  I have so many things to be grateful for, and I am normally such an optimist, but that day just hit me hard in all the feels.  Onward and upward and offer it up!


How about some photos of the day?  

I made a Derby Pie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Pie, bought a pumpkin ice cream pie and my sister gave us a blueberry pie, so our pie game was as strong as March 14th!

Pie with a side of construction :)

We had some simple apps and our dinner consisted of some of the kids' favorite foods - chicken parmesan, meatballs, potatoes au gratin, cinnamon butter rolls, and manly buns - a weird grouping but delicious nonetheless. 


You know how there's always someone on your Christmas list who is so hard to shop for because they NEVER ASK FOR ANYTHING and then when they finally ask for something, you want to run out and buy it right away because it's a miracle but THEN YOU CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE?  Yeah, that's the current sitch.  Eamon wants a Terry McLauren jersey and I can only find a preschool size or women's jerseys (or cheap knockoffs that look horrible).  So if anyone has a Redskins Washington Football Team hookup, let me know!


The National Junior Honor Society Induction was this week, and Maggie was inducted virtually (Eamon was already a member).  

Then they announced the new officers of NJHS and Eamon won Treasurer and Maggie won Vice President.  A double Martin ticket, I'm so proud of these kids!  I never have to worry about them when it comes to academics, which is a huge relief so that I can focus on the kids that do need more help in school ;)


It's Advent!  We "light" our (battery-operated) Advent candle each night at dinner, pray each evening, celebrate the feast days that come up during Advent, gave the kids a chocolate Advent calendar and Phil has an adult Advent calendar, and that's about it!  Simple and kid-friendly :)


We needed some outdoor decor for the season, so I was looking at candy cane lights, mechanical deer, and little trees when it hit me harrrrrd that I should be celebrating the true reason for the season.  This year more than ever, I need more Jesus and less of the world.  So I bought this Nativity that looks beautiful in the day and at night, and it is bringing me such joy.

 (I bought it for less than half the price it's listed for right now, so maybe wait until the season is over to find one for next year!)


Tomorrow we are taking Christmas Card photos!  I haven't received any yet, have you?

That reminds me that I have to iron some pants tonight.  Yay!

Have a wonderful, relaxing, Christmas prepping, Second Sunday of Advent weekend everybody!  Go see Kelly for more.


  1. Uhhh, I'm pretty sure this nativity issue makes you an influencer! It was significantly less before it appeared on your instagram!! :) I am very bummed I didn't order it as soon as you posted it! Erin

    1. Ha, this makes me smile! Hopefully it will come down in price and you can snag one :)

  2. It is so important to practice gratitude, but also so important to be honest about our feelings and not stuff them down! Sorry you weren't feeling it this Thanksgiving! I share your feelings of missing the fun of normal life. I have a new baby and basically no one to even show him off to ;-)

    1. Thank you for that! And yes what a bummer to have a beautiful baby that nobody can see. Stupid covid. I have a nephew I haven't met yet either :(

  3. I've found that most times I have to allow myself to feel what I'm feeling before I can move on. However, everything feels crappy right now and I'm trying to roll with it but most days I don't think I'm too successful. On a lighter note,what are manly buns??

    1. If I tell you, I will have to kill you ;) Manly Buns are the name we gave to the bread my mom baked that all the men in the family loved. For some reason, all of my little men love it to! You just buy 2 cans of Pillsbury flaky biscuits and line them standing up in a bundt pan. Then melt one stick of butter and stir in one tsp of thyme, and pour all over the biscuits. Bake at 350 until cooked through (around 40 minutes??) Enjoy!

    2. Oh, and once it's cooked, flip the bundt pan over on a platter and remove the pan to serve. You can see the manly buns in front of Maggie in one of the photos.

  4. Um can you *please* drop some links to those pie recipes? They sound and look divine!!

    Congrats to the new officers!


    2. Thank you!! :)

  5. Definitely relating to this hard as I try to make a merry Christmas but inwardly feel like a debbie downer, upset about some things outside of my control. Hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas, and that you are able to enjoy the season despite covid. Your decorations are beautiful, and love your focus on the real reason for it all


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