Monday, February 22, 2021

Lenten Lesson from My Littlest

Like most of you, our family has had a lot of conversations about Lent.  As a family, we give up desserts each year (we allow fruit), and then we all think of what we will voluntarily give up in addition to that.  It's definitely interesting to see the different personalities and how hard or easy they make their Lenten sacrifices :)  We also "cheat" by partaking in our Lenten sacrifices on Sundays and birthdays and feast days that occur throughout Lent.  

So on Sunday, I said to my four year old that he could play on the Wii.  He told me "I gave away screens for Lent, so I can't" but then I reminded him that it was Sunday, and he could indeed play on screens, and off he happily ran.  

His words have been echoing in my mind ever since.  He said that he "gave away" screens for Lent instead of "gave up".  It was just cute little toddler misspeak yet it made me think about how I have given up things for Lent but then dive right back in as soon as Easter arrives.  Things that I should have really given away completely.  

Social media is the perfect example of this.  I used to give it up for Lent because I could see all the negatives it had for me, but then on Easter, I was eagerly posting photos once again and catching up on whatever I had missed.  This past year, I finally just quit for good after watching The Social Dilemma and receiving the grace and strength that I needed to do it.  For me, social media was something I used to "give up" regularly but really should have "given away" a long time ago.

So how do you know when there is something in your life that should be "given up" temporarily or "given away" for good?  

I think a simple answer is to imagine yourself on Easter Sunday, doing whatever it is you've given up for Lent.  Do you like picturing that version of yourself?  

When I give up sweets and then indulge on Easter...I don't hate sweet-eating Colleen.  But when I gave up Instagram, and then scroll for hours once I have it back...I do not like that Colleen.  If someone were to give up swearing for Lent but then starts cussing on Easter, well I think we all know that's gotta go!

  That's a silly example, and sometimes it's only by continually giving something up that we learn how to finally give it away, but other times we need to be honest with ourselves and see what needs to go away forever.  Just a little Lenten lesson from my preschooler :)  

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  1. Ahhhhh and here I was Sunday having my cheat day and spending far too much time on social media 😬😬😬

    1. Oh I don't want to make you feel bad Rosie! You probably use social media for better reasons than I did, and don't feel sick after you scroll too long. I think good people need to be good influencers out there in a world of bad influencers :)

  2. My littles keep on wondering when we are going to have pasta but we keep on telling them they have to wait until PASCHA to eat dessert again. Highly confusing around these parts

  3. From the mouths of babes...really great insight!

  4. Such a great way of thinking of it! What a wise little guy you have.

  5. Ahhh social media. It's such a mixed bag for me. Endless scrolling some days--and then other days, very engaging conversations which (and this is key) don't happen elsewhere in my mom life. :-/ Now, if I could only figure out how to filter out all the scroll-worthy material!


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