Monday, March 1, 2021

42 Years Young and 18 Years Old

I am not a cryer.  

Do I tear up at a love song, or a sweet moment in a movie, or when I hear bad news?  Of course!  I'm sensitive, yet I rarely ever all-out cry.  But apparently, the day before your eldest child becomes an adult is a cause for a mom to cry.  Just a warning to you moms of littles ;)  If I'm being honest, every birthday of every child is an excuse for me to reflect on how much they've grown and thank God for the gift of their life.  This 18-year-old birthday just hit me extra hard.  But what a good boy man John-Paul is, so onward and upwards!  (Most photos taken by Andrew, age 16 who loves closeups and weird angles).

Since his second birthday, he's been opening presents with a captive audience.

Beautiful flowers from one of my sisters:

Daffodils (my favorite) and an orchid from the hubby...did I mention it was my birthday too?  Haha!  Birthday buddies :)

Look at that delicious dinner!  Every year, we ask for the same thing - Chicken Cordon Bleu with rice and a veggie - this year it was roasted green beans with onions and bacon.

JP asked for ice cream sundaes for dessert, and I wanted chocolate chip cookies - so we had it all because Phil lives and breathes to serve his family. 

Ummm why is mine so much smaller?

Gammy and Grandpa trying to be socially distant because they are getting their second vaccine shots this week!  Praise the Lord!

JP told me he wanted "white sneakers" so I google "cool white shoes for men" and these came up on a top ten list.  He loved them! 

Brendan was so proud of the homemade wrapping paper he helped make!

Phil really surprised me with this Cape Cod bracelet!

Note to self - keep your dressy work clothes on for the photos!

Scratching and winning! 

JP's Gifts:

Luggage Set (a real adultish gift, and one we will continue for future 18 year olds)

White sneakers 

Electric Toothbrush (another boring adult gift)

Scratch Tickets (because he can legally gamble now)

Phil Robertson's book

Flaming Cheetos and a hot spice blend (the kid loves to burn his mouth)

Some hoodies

Colleen's Gifts:

A Cape Cod bracelet

A Juicer

A Talbots blouse

A soft Irish blanket (similar)

Scratch Tickets

My favorite coffee mugs (to replace a few that broke)

We.Are.Spoiled.  All of the kids gave us cards that are just the best, and we felt loved and appreciated all day.

The girl needs to work for Hallmark.

It was such a lovely day for both of us, and I won't think about how it's our last birthday together for a while because he'll be away at college next year.  Nope, I won't even think about that at all.  Instead, I'll think how lucky we are to have had all of these birthdays together.  JP, you are my bestest birthday gift and you made me a mom and I'm sorry not sorry that you have to deal with how much I love you.


  1. Happy Birthday!!

  2. Aww happy birthday to both of you!! Looks like it was a great day 😊

  3. happy birthday, Colleen! May the Lord bless you and keep you always. Thanks for sharing with us a glimpse of your beautiful family.

  4. Oh my goodness! I am legitimately crying reading those cards!! What a treasure. Also, my grandpa gifted me a luggage set when I turned 18 that has literally gone around the world with me. We finally had to replace one suitcase just this past year after dragging it across one too many cobblestoned Italian street ;) A gift to cherish!

    Happy birthday to you both!

  5. Happy Birthday!
    These kids of ours keep getting older, but we stay the same!
    How is that??

  6. Beautiful Colleen!
    Xox Anne from Austria

  7. Happy birthday x2. I'm due within a few days of my husband's bday and he is definitely not in the bday sharing mood/type/category - since it is up to him : )

  8. I am catching up on all your posts and omg! Those cards are the sweetest!! So glad you all enjoyed your day.

    PS I have those shoes too :) I love them!!


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