Monday, April 19, 2021

Easter 2021

Well Easter 2021 was so much better than Easter 2020, even though I got my second Covid vaccine on Easter Sunday.  It felt weird to go get it on Easter, but we had the next day off from work/school so it was good timing because I was in bed with chills the next day.  But back to Easter 2021!  We woke up and had a feast of lemon marscapone pancakes, bangers, eggs, and resurrection rolls.  My first grader's teacher shared the recipe for the rolls, and Declan was super excited to help make them on Easter morn.  

Then we got dressed and went to 9am Mass and sang ALLELUIA!  ("We can say the A word now, Mom!") and went back home for Easter baskets.

Easter Baskets included:

A journal for Catholic girls

Tervis cups with lids

Yeti coffee mugs (Phil and I both bought one for each other, how funny!)

Fruit Basket

Markers and Twistable Crayons

Green Ember books

Classic Bible Comics

Swim shorts and Rashguards

We relaxed for awhile and put some food in the oven, and headed to my sister's house for an outside party.  Four of my siblings didn't attend because of fear of covid (they all have a doctor or nurse in the fam), but even a small outdoor get together was so much better than celebrating by ourselves last year.  Hopefully next year we will all be together again?  Otherwise what is the point of getting vaccinated?  I miss seeing my whole family!  And we have an almost one-year-old nephew on Phil's side of the family that we haven't even met yet!  It's so sad.  I'm praying that somehow God will end this pandemic and life will return to normalish soon.  It is getting better though, I want to keep seeing the positives. 

 I hope you all had a lovely Easter, and don't forget, it's still Easter season so celebrate with some chocolate!

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  1. What a lovely celebration! (Though if you could go ahead and tell your kids to stop looking so stinkin' grown up that'd be great!)


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