Friday, October 1, 2021

7QT: October, St. Therese, Pajamas, Soccer and the Rosary

 It's Friday and I actually posted two other times this week.  An Autumn Miracle!  Linking up with Kelly and away we go...


It's October 1st!  Wow!  

Today is the feast day of one of my favorite saints, St. Therese "the little flower" who has been known to send a rose or the scent of roses to someone praying to her for an intercession.  When I heard this as a young child, I told St. Therese that I wanted the man I was supposed to marry to bring me one white rose.  I was a romantic girl with dreams of marriage and lots of babies (dreams come true!) and I continued to pray for that "sign" until the day I finally had it answered.  Phil left a white rose and a teddy bear for me to find one day with a note that said it was just because he loved me.  Thanks be to God, because I already loved Phil so much that I was questioning holding out for that white rose!  So thank you St. Therese for answering that little girl's prayer and sending her a saint of a husband.  And a daughter with Rose in her name.


I need to put away my beloved summer pajamas and find a new pair to wear for the fall.  I have some great winter pajamas, but I need an in-between pair.  If they could help me stay asleep for the whole night, then I don't care what they cost :)  Any suggestions?  These look cute and have a lot of good reviews...

Sometimes when I look at clothes, I get confused whether I want the outfit or I want to look like the girl in the outfit.

Wow Colleen, that's like a really deep shallow thought.

I aim to please.


Are you sick of hearing about soccer season yet?  Sorry!  But it's ruling our lives right now.  Declan, my shy and sweet but very athletic 7 year old needed some motivation to be more aggressive on the field.  

Soccer mom chants in her head: BE AGGRESSIVE!  B - E  AGGRESSIVE!  B-E-A-G-G-R-E---you know the cheer.

I hope you know it.  Tell me you do.

Anyhoo, after watching him politely let the opposing team take the ball away from him in game one, I told him if he scored a goal he could get a donut.  Game two - he played a lot faster and harder but no goal.  Game three - THREE GOALS!  A hattrick for my Marlins player #4!  And a big Boston Creme donut as well.


From my cemetery walks: 

Look at how cute someone spruced up their loved ones' gravestones for autumn.  I hope I can be like this when I grow up ;)


Brendan, aged 5, loves to draw and our driveway was his canvas...

"I love you JP" (you betcha I sent a picture of that to JP in college)

"I love you Mom" (have I mentioned that Brendan is my top 7 favorites?)

World's biggest ice cream cone

An artist has to sign his creation.  "Wooo Brendan"


When you pick lots of apples, you (get your husband to) make caramel apples for dessert!


Catholic pickup lines:

October is the Month of the Most Holy Rosary and a powerful weapon of prayer.  Won't you consider praying one each day this month?  I'll do it with you :)  I have a very special intention weighing on my heart, so if you could pray for that, and I will pray for whatever intentions you have (just leave it in the comments if you feel so inclined).

I hope you all have a wonderful football watching (GO PATS!), apple baking, cozy pajama finding first weekend of fall.


  1. I will be praying the rosary daily this month! Our sweet Goddaughter Hannah has a heart defect and she has some procedures coming up and will definitely need open heart surgery sometime in the next few months. If you wouldn't mind praying for her please!

    1. Love this blog so much! And that story about St. Therese and your white rose. ❤️

      We say two daily Rosaries (so much to pray for); we will remember your intention and please remember us in your prayers, too. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»

    2. Prayers for Hannah!!

  2. I laughed at your 'deep shallow' thought. I have some great PJs by Karen Neur . . . something or other. I get them on sale. I wear fairly light weight stuff to bed because otherwise I get too hot.

    Love those cemetery turkeys. The caramel apples and the donut incentive.

    I pray the rosary most days. I will try to get it done daily. I will remember your intention. I would so appreciate prayers for Coach and I as we pray for clarity of decision in our adoption journey. Things have taken an unexpected turn and we are really struggling. More on that as my emotions dictate when I can handle writing about it.

    1. Prayers for your adoption journey for sure!

  3. Okay first of all, I always buy outfits in hopes of looking like the model. Wonder why I'm always so disappointed when they don't magically transform me into a leggy, thin, beautiful 5'10" blonde model with a head full beachy waves?

    Also, I love that the video you chose from YouTube with the BE AGRESSIVE cheer is with the WSSU cheerleaders. Winston-Salem State University is an HBC literally 15 minutes from my house!

    I typically pray the rosary every morning most days and will pray for your intention this month. I have a private intention that I would appreciate your prayers for as well.

    1. Let’s B E AGGRESSIVE with our prayer intentions for each other 🀣


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