Tuesday, January 4, 2022

2022 Resolutions and Please Lord Don't Let 2022 Be 2020 Too

 Why do I feel pressure for my first post of 2022 to be something worth writing about?

I don't know Colleen, you've never let that stop you before.

True, true.  So here's much ado about nothing!


We're eating healthier this year.  So far.  It's only been 1 day because we wanted to begin in January, but you can't start a diet on a weekend, everybody knows that.  Without going into too much detail (I will certainly go into tons of detail if we discover a great healthy living plan and reach our goal weights) I read Dr. Gott's No Flour No Sugar Diet and ordered the Bright Line Eating book, after having read a lot about it online, and have devised a plan from these.  Dr. Gott has a very simple and realistic approach to losing weight and getting healthy while the Bright Line Diet is more complicated and rigid, and I don't agree with not exercising or having to always weigh your food.  However, I would like to read the science behind it all and see if it changes my mind.  These are definitely more "lifestyle" changes than short-term diets and that makes me hopeful as long as we can stick to the plan.  Having a supportive and equally chubby husband definitely makes it easier! 


The other New Year Resolution I made was to take back control over the laundry.  Once we moved the washer and dryer upstairs where the kids' bedrooms are, and they became teenagers, I relied on them to do the laundry as their daily chore.  Some kids are better at it than others (who will literally step over huge piles of dirty laundry to get to their bedroom) and in the end, it is just one of those chores that needs an adult to claim it.  I am that adult.  I used to hate going up there to do laundry because it was messy and chaotic, but now that I've taken it back, the area is staying clean and controlled and I'm happy to not let it get out of hand again.  Phil has joined me in this resolution by putting away the little guys' laundry more frequently and matching all the weird socks each week.


This is a photo of my feet at work.  I don't know why it took me 20 years of working as an accountant to realize that I can keep slippers and an electric heater under my desk and have comfy warm feet most of the work day.  I do change into my work shoes when I leave my desk, because I'm not a barbarian, but I also try not to leave my desk much except for my lunch walk in the cemetery.


Covid cases are crazy high in our area right now.  I feel like remote schooling is on the verge of happening again.  
*shudders while thinking that I can't go back to 2020* 
Just this morning, my freshman had to stay home to learn remotely because the test-and-stay program at the high school wasn't available today (nurse out??) and he is currently part of that program since someone on his basketball team tested positive.  So the whole team is learning remotely today, along with 40 other positive students, and any of their close contacts.  It's going downhill quick.


Last year's resolution of reading the whole bible in a year through Fr. Mike Schmitz podcast is *almost* complete.  I have 5 days left to listen to, and then I can say I did it!!  I listen to a podcast on the way to work each morning, and listen to the weekend podcasts on the way home from work at the beginning of each week.  I think I want to re-listen to the whole year again...because some days I arrive to work without being able to tell you what I just heard.  Turns out I'm a distractible human after all.  I may want to wait until next year to do that though, so in the meantime is there any other podcast you'd recommend that would help me grow in spirituality?  I'm all ears!


Finally, my word of 2022 (from Jen Fulwiler's Word of the Year Generator) is...

What a wonderful word!  I am grateful for it ;)


  1. We are a little behind on Fr. Mime’s Bible in a Year podcast, too, and are also planning to redo it. I know I haven’t quite gotten everything out of it that I should. But my husband and I both love it!

  2. Slippers at work!!! What a great idea!

  3. Well done on the podcast listening. I listen to my rosary podcast when I walk or drive and I sometimes have to stop and say, WAIT, I'M NOT BEING AN ACTIVE LISTENER. So, I hear you.

    I have been eating my emotions this fall and while worrying about catching covid and what that will mean to my daycare, or the kids' schedules - this has definitely impacted my intake. I miss running and walking, but I'm not doing that in extreme cold and we are there right now. I'm ramping up my workouts, but I should cut back a bit on the times I need to score a sweet treat.

    My kids need to deal with whatever it is they are doing in our upstairs hallway. Steps from the laundry room. Claim your clothes, people. Move it into the laundry or into your room. The kids' rooms are really grating on my nerves and I've shared that with them. A few of them have made an effort. Any guesses on which ones?

    Gratitude is a great word of the year. Happy 2022!

  4. I loved BIAY but am just not up for redoing it all again right away....but I want to keep doing some kind of Scripture study. I've been watching the videos under "Bible Study" on Formed, starting with Dr. Pitre's series on "The Case for Christ".

    1. Thank you for the recommendation! Going to look into that :)


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