Monday, January 31, 2022

Blizzard Kenan Weekend Wrapup

On Friday, we celebrated Maggie's Science Fair win!  She placed 1st in 8th grade, and her cousin placed first in 7th grade.  Those are some scientific genes. We always tell our kids to do well enough to get an A on the project, but DON'T WIN because then they have to go compete at regionals, which is a long drive on a weekend.  Our boys all listened to us, but this girl has a mind of her own.  We still love her!

You can see part of Maggie's display behind her "The Rising Power of Baking Powder"

On Saturday morning, we awoke to no power, which made me super cranky that I wouldn't start the day with coffee before Phil boiled water on the gas stove and poured it through the coffee maker.  He would totally survive in the wild and I would be some bear's dinner.

Andrew (17) helped Brendan (5) with his Kindergarten 100 Day Project...

A solar system with a Sun + 8 Planets + Pluto and 90 stars = 100

The boys pulled the bin of Legos out and got creative:

...while Maggie, Phil and I cleaned and organized the downstairs bathroom cabinets and shelves.

And then at 12:30 pm, the power came on!!

Mom's mood went from panicky/grumpy to giddy in an instant.

Time to bake a lemon cake, of course:

I made these Apple & Carrot (gluten-free!) Muffins and the littles played educational computer games (or at least that's what they told me):

And teach Xander (10) how to play solitaire:

We stayed inside for just about all of Saturday.  It snowed and was windy all day.  The big guys went out and did some shoveling and the rest of the kids went out and played before dinner.  Maggie and I kept cleaning and organizing (it's always so awesome to be productive on a snow day) and then I made steak and cheese subs for dinner.

On Sunday, we were still waiting for the plow to come back for round two so we had to watch Mass on TV.  Then we all went out and shoveled/played for a few hours.  Lucy loved it until she didn't, she started lifting up one paw at a time to get it off the snow, but wouldn't go inside either so as not to miss the fun.  We had to force her back in to warm up.  Goldendoodles be stubborn.

The plow came for the second time!  Alleluia!  I think we got about 2 feet of the white stuff - light and fluffy, thank God!

Watching the plow :)

The storm really messed with our internet, good things face masks don't require wi-fi.  I picked up my phone to take this selfie, and my phone couldn't recognize my face for Face ID, isn't that funny?  What's not to recognize?!?!?!

Dinner was pulled pork on Hawaiian rolls with pineapple and fries, a taste of sunshine in the snow globe we live in.

Then we got the call that Phil and the big boys' schools would be closed for the next day.  But not the little kids.  And not mine.  Harrumph!  My drive to work was pretty slow and nasty, the roads were not very clear, and I took all main roads.

Overall, a pretty fun and productive snow day weekend.  I just wish it would have happened during the work week :)  Next time God, m'kay?


  1. Gah, the snowy treks into work...I do not miss those! And lemon cake always sounds delicious but especially on a wintery day ;)

    And is that a spin bike I see in the corner? Nice!!

    1. The bike collects dust :)

    2. Oh mine would too! I get so tempted but then I think about how uncomfortable those seats are and I eventually talk myself out of it again!

  2. Oh my goodness. That is a lot of snow! And cold. The puppy needs boots. I mean mittens. Honestly, not sure what she needs. ha.
    Laughing at your non recognizable face/face mask. That is a good use of your time.
    And here I didn't want to go outside on Sunday when it was 45 degrees! I'm a sissy.

    1. You're not a sissy, just a Southerner :) I don't want to go outside when it's over 80 degrees!

  3. Oh, and congratulations to your smartie pants daughter; that is awesome!!

  4. Congratulations to Maggie!! I'm glad your power wasn't off for too long.

    1. Thanks! Me too, I was very panicky about it, no fun to be around.

  5. Woosh! That is a lot of snow! Why does Maggie look SO grown up already?! Gosh she's lovely! And congratulations to her and her hard work.

    1. Madeline, she is my height and such a delight - watching them grow can be hard but so fun!!

  6. I laughed at the 'do good, but don't win' mentality. So funny. Congrats to Maggie. I had to call the school to give Curly a message shortly after her science fair and when she was called to the office, she thought maybe they were calling her down to say that she won the science fair. Sorry, just me.

    I read this before bolting to Reg's game on Tuesday. They'd already cancelled school for the next day and I was like "IT ISN'T EVEN SNOWING YET". Oh mama, it sure snowed during the night. I don't think we have as much snow as you, but we got dumped on. I laid in bed all day from my stomach bug and managed to get out of shoveling duty.

    Finn does the same thing, can't put a paw down but won't come in. He isn't having fun with all of us outside - he grabs a toy when we call him in and wants us to chase him. Um, it's 30 below. No one is going to chase you. Sigh.

    1. I feel so bad that you had the stomach bug...but getting out of shoveling is nice icing!


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