Wednesday, February 9, 2022

The End of Catholic School's Week and That's What He Said

Catholic Schools Week is over, but the kids got a non-uniform pass if they wore their uniforms to Mass last weekend, so you betcha that's what they did.  Non-uniform passes are the equivalent to crypto currency in the private school world.

Fr. Healey poses with our kids for proof

This week included the 100th day of school, where kids had to dress like they are 100.  So we threw some baby powder on the boys' hair and some of my glasses on their faces and called them elderly.  Maggie put together an old lady outfit and then decided she needed a wig.
Mom, you must be blind!

 "Look old!"

Invisible canes

Maggie is giving me serious French Stewart a la Third Rock vibes:

Wow, I really miss that show.

On the 101st day of school, Brendan got to dress up as a Dalmatian and his class watched 101 Dalmatians and ate "dog food" made up of Scooby Doo cookies and cocoa puff cereal.  Can we all go back to Kindergarten?  Sounds fun!

Maggie got into our Catholic high school!  Shocking, it was not, as that's where her Dad teaches and where I used to work and where her older brothers attend.  But what was shocking was how well she did on her placement exam.  Go girl!

Maggie 1 and Maggie 2

Xander (age 10) has decided to learn another instrument.  
Pray for us.

When your Kindergartner knows the trendy slang

Me: Brendan do you need to use the bathroom?

Brendan (age 5): No

Me: Maybe you should just try before we leave.

Brendan: I don't have to go.  No cap.

Saint, not Sinner

Declan (age 7): Today we had to draw what we wanted to be when we grow up.

Me: What did you draw?

Declan: A Saint in Heaven.  But I didn't draw the golden gates because I didn't want people to think I was in prison!

They both have Disciples

Brendan: My teacher said her favorite number is 4 but that she might change it to 12.

Me: Why's that?

Brendan: Well she let us guess why and I raised my hand and said, "Is it because of the 12 Apostles?" 

She said "Good guess! But it's because Tom Brady just retired."


  1. I love all of this quite a lot. Happy that Maggie got in to high school even if not surprising. I hope the accordion transition isn't too painful.

    1. The ears are already bleeding! The thing has no volume control!!!!!!!!!

  2. You brighten up the blog world. I smile through your posts. 😄

    1. You're the sweetest blog commenter, there should be an award!

  3. This is all so fun. I love the new approach to 100 days. When my kids were in Catholic school, we were forever dragging in a collection of 100 things. I vividly remember Lad bringing 100 'guys' to school in kindergarten. That was a heavy load and when we were at like 98 we realized we had a few guys in the bathtub, so we grabbed them to complete our mission.

    Congrats to Maggie. That's exciting.

    Brendan looks like a grown up guy (but not elderly as in the 100 day photo) in that uniform at church picture, with his hands in his pockets. And the dalmatians day was also so cute.

    My mom used to play the accordion. She'd take it out once a year at a family party. My Ed and Reg played something similar, but not for as long as I'd have liked. It's an Irish instrument called concertina. Good luck to Xander, and to your sanity.

    1. I've never heard of the concertina...don't take away my Irish card! Sounds cool though, I can just imagine your boys playing and your girls dancing step :)


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