Friday, February 18, 2022

Week in Review: Perms and Penances and Plans

So Valentine's Day came and went without much fanfare.  

I think it was because the Superbowl was the night before, and we had friends over so we were fizzled out.  Plus VDay ended up being a snow day very unexpectedly, so there was shoveling to be done and a nice lazy day to be had.  Phil and I did end up going out to a barbeque restaurant for an early dinner which was lovely, and I made the kids m&m pancakes with whipped cream, so they were happy too.  It's funny how some years we celebrate with such intention and then other years the days go by without much thought, and I'm not sure what causes that.


I made an appointment to get a perm next month.  I know!  It's not 1988 anymore but apparently they're coming back?  At least that's what I'm telling myself.  I have very thin/limp/depressing hair and I'm hoping to give it more volume.  I've never gotten a perm before but I'm hoping I look like this:

And not like this:

Also how sad for this woman, who probably thought she looked AMAZING for her senior photos and then ended up being the image one receives when googling "bad perm".

We took some of the kids to Confession last Friday afternoon, and I was amazed at how many people were there for Adoration in the chapel.  

God is great!  But apparently, I am not! because as we walked to the car after saying our penances, we compared notes...

Declan (age 7) got 2 Hail Mary's

Xander (age 10) got 3 Hail Mary's

Maggie (age 14) got 5 Hail Mary's

Phil (age 41) got 5 Hail Mary's

Colleen (age 42) got SEVEN Hail Mary's

I'm totally thinking the priest just gives more Hail Mary's based on age, not by sins, RIGHT?

{Don't even remind me that there's no way that the priest knew our ages}


Thank you all for your advice on my Decisions post.  Y'all helped!  We have decided we are going to NH and not OH this summer...we are looking for places to stay in either Montreal or Quebec City for our anniversary trip... and we had Andrew take a career aptitude test based on personality (offered by the high school) and he now has some careers and therefore majors that he's considering BUT NO PRESSURE KID.


Books Lately:

Whisper by Danielle Bean - I read a chapter each week at Adoration, and it always seems to be just the lesson or reminder I need.  

The House of Gucci - I'm listening to this one on my lunch walks and it's verrrrrry long and sometimes the story is too detailed with facts I don't care about and I question why I am listening to it, but then the plot twists and keeps me interested again.  Greed and power are so dangerous!

The Paradise trilogy and the Winter Street series by Elin Hildebrand - Super easy, light, fun, sometimes inappropriate (always some promiscuity and drug use) entertaining reads.  The Winter Street series made me seriously want to open up a Bed and Breakfast on Nantucket.



Sunday - Superbowl party with typical football food (pizza, chicken tenders, corn dogs, veggie platter and superbowl sundaes)

Monday - leftovers from Superbowl party

Tuesday - Pineapple Chicken over coconut rice with steamed broccoli

Wednesday (meatless) - Cauliflower pizza from Aldi's - it's good!

Thursday - Roasted cauliflower, potato wedges, green beans and kielbasa

Friday (meatless) - Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheese Soup

Saturday - Grilled Chicken Salad


We have February Vacation next week, a week off school for most New Englanders to go skiing, but not us because wow that would cost us two arms and two legs.  Instead we will be going to the dentist, touring a college, visiting my brother in NH, going to a hand doctor (me), meeting with a financial planner, hanging out with friends, taking the kids ice-skating, and celebrating my first bday without my college-aged bday buddy.  It's fine, I'm fine :(  He'll be home in a few weeks for Spring break so we can celebrate him belatedly.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend planning vacations, finances, and your children's educations.  Yay for adulting!


  1. Wait. Is a perm that looks like the first picture an actual thing?! I always assumed there was only one level of perm (SUPER PERM). This is so intriguing and I hope your hair turns out just as you imagine!

    1. Yes! I think it's called a loose wave perm :)

  2. Goodness that terrible perm picture made me laugh. Don't ask me to elaborate on my perm from 1987. It'll give you nightmares.

    I did not know about this week off for East coast peeps and I feel robbed.

    Glad you were able to decide on the things that were weighing on you.

    You must've required some extra penance . . . kidding. So funny though that you all compared notes.

    1. I didn't realize others didn't get the week off until I started blogging - ha! We get one week at Christmas, one week in Feb and one week in April.

  3. Over here snorting at the bad perm. That is exactly what my one and only perm looked like (except I am a brunette). I am very eager for a report on your results!

    Have a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!!

    1. Thank you and thanks for the bloggy love :) Happy birthday to you too! Enjoy that lemon cake!

  4. First time commenter - popping over from Life of A Doctor's Wife to wish you Happy Birthday!
    Ah, Leslie Knope.

    We had a snow storm on Valentine's Day, too (Eastern Canada) - the kids were off school and we ended up tromping through the woods and drinking hot chocolate under trees. It was all very fun and magical - but that is where my Valentine's creativity ended this year. No hearts. No candy. Nothing cut into the shape of a heart. No festive paper plates. The kids seemed very okay with this and some church friends brought by a tray of Valentine's cupcakes (of which I ate three; sigh) and other goodies so the kids were fine in the celebration department. Maybe next year? Christmas is our big holiday and I kinda fizzle out for the rest (and we don't really do anything outside of church activities for Easter).

    Anyhoo - Happy Birthday!

    1. That DOES sound magical! And thanks for popping over to wish me a happy birthday week :)

  5. I have come here to say Happy Birthday, thanks to our mutual friend Suzanne! Happy birthday! I had a spiral perm in junior high and it didn't look exactly like that photo, but it wasn't far off. Woooooo. It was something.

    1. Haha, sounds like it was traumatic! Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday week :)

  6. I'm over from Ally's.That first perm looks amazing, but the second one is the one I would end up with. Once I got one with short hair and looked like a poodle. I wish you better luck with yours! I think random celebrations are much more special than the ultra-planned ones--but I'm working on my spontaneity. :)

    1. Oh gosh, a poodle perm is my worst nightmare! I've been told I can always wash it out right away of I hate it, so I have an escape plan!


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