Friday, September 30, 2022

That's What He Said

Brendan (age 6): You're the second best mom...ya know...after Mary.


Brendan's card that he made for Eamon's birthday:


Xander: Some kids in my class have only small roles in the Wizard of Oz.

Me: There's no such thing as a small role, only small actors!

Brendan: Yeah, like the Munchkins!


Xander (age 11): Mom, I think I should be able to get a phone early.

Me: No way, you're not responsible enough yet.

Xander: But you always tell me how responsible I am!

Me: When do I tell you that?

Xander: Whenever something bad happens, you say "Xander is responsible!"


JP: This weekend I'm going to travel with some more guys.

Dad: That's good.

JP: Yeah, it's tough being the only guy and having to carry all the bags and open all the doors.


  1. Xander is a hoot!! I guess you are going to need to get him that phone now!😁

  2. I'm laughing out loud here. You gotta give the kid credit for understanding the big picture-- and how you fit into it.

  3. I love all of those comments, but my favorite is definitely the acrostic poem. Pure art!

  4. Oh my goodness, these are all pure gold!! I'm dying over "orangutan"!!


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