Friday, November 18, 2022

Week in Review: A Pause, Pretzels and the Pope!

This week flew by, but in a good way because we were decidedly less busy than normal!  Since I seem to complain take note of the busyness, I should also point out when we are able to catch our breaths a bit.  Phil was the busiest with a Parish Council meeting on Monday night, a class on Tuesday night, Declan's basketball game on Wednesday night, a Men's Group meeting on Thursday night and tonight we will be attending Little Women, the play put on by our friends/Phil's coworkers at our kids' high school.  

Maggie and I watched Falling for Christmas last night, in our pajamas, in my bed, eating popcorn, and it was enjoyable if not completely predictable, as this genre typically is.

Brendan started instructional basketball which is so cute.  Our kids start soccer at age 4 and basketball at age 6 and take swimming lessons as toddlers, and then we see what sticks.  So far Alexander is the only one made of teflon :)

The Washington Commanders played on tv Monday night (a big deal when you live in New England) and Eamon had requested hot pretzels and cheese sauce to eat during the game, but the grocery store was out of we made some for the first time with this recipe.

It was fun for the kids, not that hard for the mom, and they tasted really good.  About an hour from start to finish and we made an easy cheese sauce starting with a roux and then milk and shredded cheddar, salt, pepper, and ground mustard.

Phil and I are wrapping up Week 2 on an 8 Week Running plan to get us back in the groove.  I have been doing more classes during the past few years (kickboxing, circuit training, HIIT classes) and want to get back to more runs since my hip seems to be handling it better.  Phil is in a step challenge at work, and I think currently in the lead so that's motivating him to run more also.

JP was in Rome and Assisi and Florence last week, and Pope Francis asked to take a picture with Franciscan University students after the general audience.  The last time a pope took a photo with Franciscan students was in 1993 with Pope JP2!  

Jp is in the top right corner.

JP is looking away from the Pope?!?  Eyes on the prize dude!

He loved his time in Italy, eating gelato and pasta and trying limoncello while seeing such holy sights.

Blessed Carlo Acutis

I've been working on my Christmas Spreadsheet and getting there slowly but I'll definitely not be finished before Advent which starts next week.  Ahhh!  My brother in New Hampshire is hosting Thanksgiving for my side of the family and I will be making loaded mashed potatoes, spiced chocolate chip cookies, and an apple and pear crisp.  The rest of my siblings and parents are each bringing three dishes or so and we will have a feast for all.  Even though I hate turkey and don't eat it, I can't wait for all the yummy sides and desserts!  Don't forget to wear your stretchy pants everyone!!

P.S. I am working on my 2022 Gift Guide (previous lists here) if you're should be out next week :)


  1. I don't know what spiced chocolate chip cookie is but I am about to google it! That movie is on my watchlist, I love predictability! Also, I love your side comment about eyes on the prize to JP. I laughed out loud. Have a great weekend.

    1. That kid! There were like ten of him looking in the opposite direction. Ha! The cookie recipe is here, I haven't made them yet but another blogger raved about them:

  2. The pretzel making looks so fun and the result looks very tasty. If my store had no pretzels, I would tell my kids NO PRETZELS, EAT SOMETHING ELSE, so well done, you.

    I also died at EYE ON THE PRIZE comment. I'm curious, will ALL of your siblings and their offspring be at this Thanksgiving gathering? I wonder how many that would be. I am bringing a ton of food to my SIL's because she has two kids and I didn't want her to have to make so much for my crew. Coach's parents will also be there.

    Happy Thanksgiving. Yes, stretchy pants are in order.

  3. I love that JP got to be in a picture with the Pope! What an amazing part of an already amazing trip!


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