Monday, January 30, 2023

A Hospice Care Package

Thank you all for the thoughtful advice on what to put in a care package for someone who has entered hospice care.  I thought I would compile the list in case anyone else is in the same position.

Warm fuzzy blanket

Comfy socks

Hanging window prism

Neck Wrap

Wind Charm

Paper Products and snacks for the caregivers

Biotene mouthwash


Case of water

Soft pillow cases

Audio book subscription

Music subscription

Playing cards

Projector and white noise player


Candle warmer

Oil diffuser plus essential oils


Window bird feeder

Puzzle books

Stamps (for sending thank you cards)

Ginger candies

Easy to hold water cup

Here's what I ended up putting together quickly (as, sadly, time is of the essence in these circumstances).  The care package included a homemade card from each of our kids and the following items:


  1. I am sorry someone you care about is in a time is of the essence situation, I will pray for them. It is so thoughtful that you took the time to put together a package, thank you for compiling the list.

    1. I'm always happy to be able to do something tangible to help, you know? And thank you for the prayers!!

  2. This is very thoughtful and I'm sure it will be much appreciated. I'm sorry that someone you know is on his/her final journey.

    1. Thanks Ernie, it's so sad hard to watch from the sidelines.


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