Friday, February 17, 2023

Week in Review: Super Bowl Sundaes, Valentines, and Marcia Brady

It feels like it's been awhile!  Hi!  How are you?  It's been equal parts busy + nice weather + sickness + sports + fun around here.  Let's recap, shall we?

On Friday, the high schoolers had a winter pep rally and Eamon played in a few minute to win it games.  Here he is (with his cousin Tommy) in the game he won:

Maggie is a happy girl because she got up the courage to tell the Varsity basketball coach that she wanted to stay on the JV team for the rest of the season.  The Varsity coach totally understood after this drama-filled year.  The JV coach was fired (quit?) and the assistant AD is taking over as coach.  He used to be the girls JV basketball coach and he is the Varsity Soccer Coach and all my kids love him, so she is excited to play for him.

Om Saturday, the little kids got their valentines ready to pass out in school.  Brendan couldn't write his name small enough on each treat so he wrote his initials, which are unfortunately, B.M.  If you know, you know.

On Sunday, Maggie's volleyball league had their first tournament.  We were at a local high school from 8:30 until 12:30 and Maggie's team lost every single game.  Yikes.

She played well though, with lots of great serves.  It seems like her team's setter doesn't really set too often (um, it's kinda in the job description) so there are not a lot of plays happening, just more free balls.  Maggie is an outside hitter, but she needs someone to set to her.  Her high school team is much better.  

Speaking of games, we went home and cooked and cleaned for the Super bowl!  What a great game.  I totally called Rihanna's pregnancy, though I would have felt bad if I was wrong since no woman wants to be asked if she's pregnant when she's just postpartum (  

Let's get a closer look of the food...

We had a 13 pound brisket (!!) that Phil obsessed over for days and it came out wonderful.  Homemade mac n' cheese, honey corn muffins, pizza, chips with two homemade dips - one queso and one bacon onion dip, pigs in blankets, and ceasar salad.  For dessert we had Super bowl Sundaes of course!

On Monday, we had the day off because it was Bishop's Day at the high school (the Bishop comes and says a school mass and grants the school a day off in the future.  The school decided on the day after the Super bowl which was much appreciated).  I took the day off to spend time with them, and recover from the late night.  Declan complained about his throat being sore and had a fever so we took him to the doctor where he tested positive for strep.  

Declan needed to stay home again on Tuesday so I sacrificed (hee hee) and took the day off from work again.  It was Valentine's Day and I found a card that Phil left for me with a winning scratch ticket!

I was so happy to win $100!  And all I gave him was a lousy text message: 

Brendan left me this valentine on the fridge:

We gave the kids some small gifts, including Draw Your Own Comic Books, Heart Straws, a jump rope for clumsy people, a new book, nail polish, and airpod cases.

Franciscan University sent us a cute email:

Phil and I went out to dinner at a favorite restaurant and then to watch Maggie's basketball game.  She got hit in the nose with the ball...again.  Our own little Marcia Brady:

It happened after a jump ball where her and an opposing team member were fighting over the ball.  The ref blew the whistle and awarded the ball to Maggie's team, and the other player just threw it at her face!  Everyone gasped and then the Varsity girls started clapping and supporting Maggie with cheers as we could all see the tears she was fighting back.  She held it together and kept playing #theresnocryinginbasketball.

Eamon had a game on Wednesday and he has his last game tonight!  Maggie has one more game and then basketball season for all four kids who played this year will be over!!!!!!!!!

On Thursday, we hit 70 degrees!  In February!  In Massachusetts! 

Next week is February Vacation so Phil and the kids are off.  Lent starts in the middle of it, boo hoo but then JP and my birthday are at the tail end.  It's always nice to have a birthday on the weekend :)  I need to quickly plan a little overnight getaway for the fam because we may not be able to do a real vacation, but we can go swim in a hotel pool and eat out for 24 hours and feel like we did something exciting and fun.

I hope you all have a weekend full of eating and drinking like Lent is coming (because it is!)


  1. I laughed out loud about the B.M. initials. Hilarious, if slightly unfortunate.
    $100 Valentine win sounds awesome.
    And all that Superbowl food looks incredible.

    1. And his first two initials are BJ, that poor kid is destined for being made fun of!

  2. Congrats on your lottery winnings and Bravo Maggie! She sounds like one strong kid!

    1. Thank you and she is, a positive side effect from having 6 brothers :)

  3. Good for Maggie for talking to her coach and requesting to stay on JV! I'm sure that took a lot of courage. And poor thing! I'm sorry she got hit in the face with a basketball. Your Super Bowl party looks awesome. I love that dessert was sundaes! Have a great weekend and enjoy your winter break.

    1. Hit in the nose for the THIRD TIME! Her older brother was like "Maggie used to be aggressive under the net and she's not anymore" and I was like "Um yeah, the nose."

  4. I love signing BM when it's all you can manage. Oh dear, that makes me smile. Your Super Bowl spread looks delicious and pretty too. Not to mention I really like the pendants above your island. Congrats on the $100.00. Love your last sentence. I was thinking the same thing this morning.

  5. I laughed at BM too. My Reg has real.initials BS . . . if you know, you know. And I know you do. What a sweet card from Franciscan. That spread looks amazing. Glad you were able to turn the illness into another day off. I had an unexpected day off on Friday. Glorious. Most of it was spent driving to Ed's school. Mom's weekend was SO fun. I'm so happy that Maggie spoke up. What is with the girl throwing the ball in her face? Yikes.

    1. BM and BS 🤣 what were their moms thinking??!! Glad you had a great moms trip!

  6. BM. LOL!! 😜
    I loved the Minute To Win it. I suppose it's all in the technique!
    Good for Maggie; her mental health is more important than being on Varsity. The brisket does look good, but I understand the stress/pressure when cooking that much meat.
    You are both Valentines winners. ❤️

    1. I told Phil that I felt like the brisket was his mistress for the weekend :)


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