Friday, March 10, 2023

Week in Review: Squishy, Jumpy and Broke

Last Friday I left work and headed to get my yearly mammogram, which came back fine, thanks be to God.  Also this photo made me remember to schedule a haircut, which is also an annual appointment!

Guys, there are so many funny mammogram memes, not all super appropriate for this blog but here's a few to tickle your Friday funny bone:

Smashing :)

Fun fact - my brothers went to high school with two of the New Kids on the Block!

Brendan (age 6) had his second gymnastics class, and this level is much better-suited for him.  He can keep up but has lots to learn at the same time.  He absolutely loves it and tells me every day how many more days until the next class.  Having a trampoline in our yard seems to have been a huge factor in his success.  He's been flipping and jumping for years already :)

Xander (age 11) has started up with competitive swim again, as we are hoping he'll join the swim team at our YMCA next fall.  He'll be in 7th grade then and only 2 years from high school where he has to pick a sport.  He is deciding between swimming or running, and I think swimming will win out.  

Other than Tuesday swimming and Thursday gymnastics and Sunday volleyball for Maggie, we have NO OTHER SPORTS GOING ON!!  It's wonderful.  Of course, the Spring is the busy season for Phil's DRE position as all the sacraments are about to happen, and the kids will start working when the ice cream store opens in 2 weeks, but just let me live in this bubble for a minute.

John-Paul flew home from Franciscan last night for his spring break.  It just makes my heart so happy to have all of my chickadees home.  He'll be working this week at the grocery store to make some money because he broke :)

Andrew, Eamon and Maggie all participated in a volleyball tournament fundraiser at their high school and their teams came in 2nd (Eamon's team) 3rd (Andrew's team) and 4th (Maggie's team).  Apparently Andrew blocked one of Maggie's hits and the crowd went wild for the intense display of sibling rivalry.  Wish I could have seen it!

Maggie's Team - Hawaiian Punch

Eamon's team - He gave himself the nickname "The Holy Hitter"

I guess that's a wrap on a pretty boring week...exactly the kind we all need every once in a while.

Have a wonderful Time Savings weekend everybody!


  1. Hahaha - those mammogram memes are amazing. Especially the man-o-gram! Good for you for taking care of the ladies -- I just got my annual mammo last month too. Never enjoyable but always good to make sure things are healthy.

    My kid is about to dip into the swim team life and I am very apprehensive! It seems like it takes over everything, and I want her to be happy and fulfilled (and well exercised!) but I am nervous that our lives will soon be All Swimming All the Time. (She did a local swim team this year, but didn't compete so it wasn't as intensive as it could have been. But there's a new team she's considering joining that is much more intense and time consuming.)

    1. Isn't it so hard to decide what to allow them to participate in? We are constantly juggling that line of "this is good for them" and "this is too hard for the rest of us". When Xander starts swim team, we will have two away at college and one driving teen so I think it's doable for us. Plus my husband and I can workout while he swims which kills two birds with one stone :)

  2. I hope he chooses swimming! It's all indoors so no worries over the weather and it's just such an overall great exercise. Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Appreciate your comment as a swim mom extraordinaire! And yes swimmer's bodies are amazingly strong and lean.

  3. Yay for a checking the mammogram off the list for the year! Glad you got good results!

    1. Thank you! Especially nerve-wracking this year as a family member is going through breast cancer treatment. Next up is the derm :)

  4. I usually get my mammograms in late December. I didn't do it this year, but in my battles with heath insurance, I've learned that I can have one and it will be covered no matter when I get it done, because it counts as preventive health, or something. How exciting. Those memes made me laugh.

    I love that your guys are all encouraged to find their thing. We put Lad in swimming when Curly was a baby. That first summer all the other kids sat and watched him and I had to keep them entertained. We felt like Lad needed his own thing - a thing that he could shine in and not feel outdone by siblings. The next summer I signed up as many kids as were eligible. Coach was like WAIT, I THOUGHT. . . and I shook my head. THAT WAS A DUMB PLAN. SILLY FOR THEM TO ALL SIT THERE. HE'S ESTABLISHED. It was so much fun when they all participated. Great memories.

    I chuckled at the sib rivalry at the volleyball game. Very relatable. ;)

  5. I love the mammogram memes; you've got to find some giggles while getting squished.
    Even when your kids sports are on the DL, you're still a busy bee! Great photos of your People.


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