Friday, June 16, 2023

Week in Review: Races and Meals and Games

Another week of June in the rearview mirror!  

Yesterday was the last day of finals for Eamon and Maggie who completed their Sophomore and Freshman years, respectively.  Today is the last day of school for my little guys who are finishing 6th, 3rd, and 1st grades:

That photo is from the Youth Mile race they participated in this past weekend.  Brendan (age 6) ran his first ever one mile race in 8:41.  Brendan was so cute to watch, as his running tends to go more up and down than straight ahead.

Declan (age 9) won first place with a 6:44 mile.  He runs fast and paces himself so well just like his big brother Andrew used to do.  Declan said that he "overlapped" four kids during the race :)

Andrew at age 10 winning the Half Mile in 3:01

Alexander (age 11) ran his mile in 7:55 which was a PR and goal for himself to get under 8 minutes.  He said he prefers swimming to running as soon as he crossed the finish line, but I'm so proud of him for pushing through.

Eamon served at the first Mass of a newly ordained priest, which was such a special moment.

Eamon on bottom left.

Declan found a butterfly in his cucumber slice.  Ah the pure joy that kids bring to our lives!

Easy peasy summer meals this week included Chicken Tandoori with Cauliflower and Rice, Pesto Meatballs (literally just put frozen meatballs in a pan and pour a jar of pesto over them and bake for as long as it takes to boil water and cook pasta) with Pasta and Green Beans, and Chicken Ceasar Salad with Garlic Bread and Fruit Salad.  Also Burgers are on the menu every week!

Andrew took Declan to see the New England Revolution soccer team play Inter Miami (which just signed Messi but he's not playing yet, sadly).  Declan had a blast! 

These two are like twins born 9 years apart.

Speaking of twins, we went to a retirement party for four of Phil's coworkers who have reached the dream of retiring.  One of our friends dressed up as a teacher who was retiring and played him in a skit which was hilarious.

We are hoping for a busy and sunny three day Father's Day weekend at The Cottage, but unfortunately there is some more rain in the forecast.

Eamon took a video for me to post showing that we were open rain or shine, that crazy kid.

 Ah well, maybe Phil will actually get a break on Father's Day! 

Happy Father's Day weekend everybody, hug the dads in your life extra hard :)


  1. What a great update! Declan and Andrew really are so similar! How nice for them to go to a game together. I'm going to steal your pesto meatball idea. Thanks!

    1. Those pesto meatballs are addictive!

  2. Your kids are all so adorable -- and doing such great things. I love the pride and love that shines through in your posts about them!

    I clicked on that tandoori chicken recipe so fast... perhaps it will go on my meal plan this week!

    1. The teens loved that recipe, hope your daughter does too!

  3. I love that Andrew took Declan to a game. So sweet! I hope Phil has a wonderful Father's Day!

    1. Andrew volunteered as soon as he heard that Phil was going to take him, any excuse to watch a pro soccer game!

  4. So many sweet updates!! I love Declan's comment about "overlapping" kids on the track :D And then before I scrolled down to the photo, I thought you meant there was an ACTUAL butterfly on the cucumber slice.

    Loving the easy summer meal ideas too. I've been doing a lot of taco bars and crockpot meatballs with marinara sauce, but that pesto sauce would be a fun way to mix it up (and shockingly, my kids actually like pesto -- now I've probably jinxed myself).


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