Friday, September 1, 2023

Week in Review: An Echo, A Mother’s Love and A Clean Room

Thank you to everyone who is praying for Andrew.  He met with the cardiologist on Monday, who happens to be a doctor I worked for as an accountant while getting my MBA...small world.  Anyway, the cardiologist looked at his EKG results and said "They look fine to me, but since someone is worried about you (Andrew's pediatrician) we will do an echocardiogram".  Andrew then went to the front desk to schedule the echocardiogram, and the secretary told him it would probably happen in October.  Ummmmm soccer season would practically be over by then.  He explained he was on the team and trying to get clearance to play, and she said she would mark it "urgent".  Phil ended up calling the office the next day and getting it scheduled for yesterday, like a boss.  

Andrew had the echo done and they said they will call him on Tuesday. Praying hard for good results!

Texts I sent to my husband this week:

Who knew the wisdom of Toad and Frog?

Phil says he might do this on a test :)

My breakfasts all week - cottage cheese with a chopped nectarine - heavenly.  But Phil thinks it's gross.  Fine, more for me!

I sent him this photo of Toni Collete, because a CVS cashier couldn't stop gushing about how much I looked like her.  I was sad because she is one of the few actresses that I find UNattractive.  I asked Phil if I looked like her and he said "No, you're way more beautiful!" and that is the secret to being happily married for 21 years.

First day of preschool vs. First day of college.  Just me spending my lunch break making collages to break my own heart.  I can still feel his chubby squishy toddler body giving me a hug.  It's fine.  I'm fine.  

Whomever wrote this 100% gets me.  Also, it's how my five siblings and I were raised.  We all went to college and beyond, lived in other states, travelled around the world and then planted roots near my parents (most of us are within 15 minutes of my parents, the furthest one is 2 hours away).  We were never told to live nearby or go to school near home, and we were able to meet and date people from lots of different places.  We were free to fly and I think that's what made us want to come back home in the end.  Praying it works with my kids as well :)

Brendan's godfather sent him two birthday gifts that he has been playing with since he opened them:

Maggie's volleyball team:

I can't even imagine if they made the boys soccer team pose in a heart shape like this - ha!

On the same day that JP left for college, I marched myself up to the Big Boys Room and got started on cleaning.  It was not a pretty site:

After three hours, and lots of laundry, it looked like this:

I found thank you notes that Andrew had written after his graduation and never mailed, I found lots of dirty laundry and trash, and I found out where all of our missing chargers were.  Xander is temporarily moving into this room, where Eamon also lives, while the big guys are away at school.  I sent this text to Andrew to show him what happened to his bed:

Andrew and Xander have always had a fun relationship.

Another former scooper from my family's ice cream shops came to visit us at The Cottage!  Catherine was a dream employee, and a great friend for all of those summers spent scooping side by side.  Maybe one day I can hire her two cutie patooties to work for us.

Since school started this week, so did the lunch soups!  This week's recipe is Crockpot Chicken and Wild Rice Soup and it will be made on repeat this year.

Andrew went through Freshman Orientation and won a Nintendo Switch at one of the raffles, he is so lucky!  He can play it on the TV that he won at his high school's after prom event!

With the oldest boys gone, and the third boy in a cast, Maggie has become the lawn mower, and she likes it!  Go girl!

On the way to school yesterday, the Impossible Question on the radio was "Name something that 1 in 4 people bought in the last few years, usually at a bargain price".

Me: I bet it's a cruise.

Brendan: Crunes?  Like the things Grandpa eats to go poop?  He's always trying to get us to eat those crunes!

We all died laughing.

But then I came back to life so I didn't crash the car.

And that, my friends was our week in the rearview mirror.  Welcome September!  Have a lovely Labor Day weekend everyone :)


  1. Keeping Andrew in my prayers! One of our sons was also a college soccer player and we went through a very similar situation - everything turned out fine but the waiting was so difficult! (And great job on your boys room!)

    1. I'm really hopeful that it will be nothing...just a lesson in patience :)

  2. I love that Thing about your children moving back home to live near you my mother-in-law has 3 sons and they have all done that I sent it to her this morning saying I hope my 4 children do this as well

  3. A) prayers for Andrew! And for you, too, because it sure is hard letting them grow up and leave—no matter how many times you see one go, it doesn’t get easier! ๐Ÿ’”

    B) you are much prettier than Toni Colette! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    C) I love the idea of letting them fly away—as long as they come back eventually and live nearby! (When ours didn’t, we moved to where they were! Luckily for us, 3 of the 5 settled near each other!)

    D) I am so happy for your successful first season with the Ice Cream Cottage. Congratulations, what an amazing adventure!

    E) I’m so glad you’re still blogging regularly. This site is a ray of sunshine, much needed these days. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  4. Praying that Andrew's results come back normal. I love that grown and flown thought process. All 5 of us did that. Coach's family mostly did that. One sister settled in KC. Curly used to ask me if she could live next to us and I've been crossing my fingers ever since that she will still want to do that when she is an adult.

    I'm wondering if there was a body snatchers incident or some other explanation, because your boy room situation is INCREDIBLY relatable and familiar. I have PILES of boy clothing and I'm trying to figure out who it belongs to and if they are really done with it. I might end up loading things into my car and making Tank stand next to my car when we go visit him in 2 weeks so I can hold up each thing and say WANT IT? DONE WITH IT? NOT YOURS? The volleyball photo is cute.

    1. Ernie, I found so many gross clothes and wrappers, ick. I left them each a box of clothes I thought were worth saving and I donated the rest...sometimes you just have to make the executive decisions!

  5. Praying that all turns out alright with Andrew! I agree that none of his symptoms would have particularly raised red flags for me either.

    I absolutely love that idea of having students write what they thought they would be on the test! What a fun way to assess their knowledge base -- and maybe even good input to consider when formulating tests for the next class! I would have loved that as a student. (See also, apparently I'm a huge nerd haha)

    Crunes is just hysterical. I'm sure that will now become part of your family lexicon. "Crustines" is now how our family refers to croutons for similar reasons ;)

    1. Good to know you wouldn't be that worried! My nerdy self also would have loved that question on a test :)

  6. I warned my college bound daughter anything left out on the floor or in the closet was fair game to my cleaning efforts. She did go through and donate a few things- and hid others in a drawer. I went through the closet and room with a righteous spirit, and it looks so good now. There are actual shelves in the closet- hidden behind her stuff for too long. I didn't find wrappers, but empty soda bottles were dumped behind the bed. Why??

    1. "with a righteous spirit" - love that! When the mood strikes, you gotta act on it!

  7. Hoping and praying that Andrew got cleared to play yesterday! And what a lucky guy winning the TV and then the Switch! I see a mild resemblance to the actress in your smiles but other than that - I don't see it. Looks like Maggie has a new chore!


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