Thursday, February 29, 2024

Some Leapy Things on February 29th

Happy Leap Day!  Have you guys seen the movie Leap Year?  It's one of my favorite comfort movies.  Maybe I'll watch it with Maggie and Eamon this weekend, if they'll indulge me.  

Sophia Press sent us a new book to review, about a bunny (bunnies leap! or jump at least!) called The Story of the First Easter Bunny by Anthony DeStefano, a favorite of ours.  

Even Lucy Doodle wanted to hear the story

This little bunny has a sick mommy bunny, and hears about a man who is healing others.  The bunny finds Jesus, and is able to witness his death and resurrection to learn about the true meaning of Easter, while also receiving a miracle for his mother.  

The little boys loved the story (it rhymes and the illustrations are so cute) and even the older members of the family found there way over to where I was reading aloud and listened in.  While normally I am a big believer in not celebrating/decorating for Easter until Lent is over, this book is great because it does reflect Jesus' journey to the cross and reminds us of what's coming.  

Now when kids ask that age old question "What does a bunny have to do with Easter anyway?" - you can just give them this book :)

It's not a great LEAP to listen to songs with the word JUMP in them, so here's a fun little playlist I will have on repeat when I dance around the kitchen cook dinner:

Are you doing anything special on this year's bonus day?  Taking the leap into anything new?  Special shoutout to all the people with Leap Day birthdays and half-birthdays.  I hope you celebrate like you've been waiting for four years to do so :)


  1. That is such a great playlist!!!

    I had not heard of the movie Leap Year, but curling up with my daughter to watch a movie sounds wonderful - I am going to check it out.

  2. I love that movie, “Leap Year.” I think I’m going to need to watch it this weekend, too. Thanks for the reminder! 😊


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