Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Wednesday Workout Wrapup: With a Side of What's the Best Time to Workout?

These last two weeks of working out have been a little bit, as the french say, all over the place.  We traveled down to Maryland for Easter and then found out we would need Mohs surgery (and subsequent rest from strenuous exercise) so we are trying to quickly complete our EPIC III program a week earlier than the planned ten weeks.  As of this morning, we only have 4 workouts left!  I'm proud of us for stepping out of our comfort zone, working out with heavy weights at home and early in the morning before work.  We definitely feel stronger but I must admit that I miss getting that afternoon workout feel-good endorphin rush at the end of a work day to put me in a good mood and release the stress in time for being with my family for the evening.  There's something so calming about finishing a workout, showering and putting on pjs.  However, it is nice to wake up, work out, shower and complete that task for the day right away.  Pros and cons of everything I suppose!  What's your preferred time of day to exercise?

 Wednesday, March 27:

5 mile run/walk intervals on treadmill

Thursday, March 28:

EPIC III - Day 34 before work

Packed and cleaned house to leave early the next morning

Friday, March 29:

3.5 mile walk with dog in Maryland after the long car ride

Saturday, March 30:

5 mile run 

Sunday, March 31:


1 mile walk with dog and littles

2.5 mile run (all before Mass)

Monday, April 1:

Drove home from Maryland and did EPIC III - Day 36

4 mile walk with dog

Tuesday, April 2:

Declan's Birthday!!

EPIC III - Day 37 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

Wednesday, April 3:

EPIC III - Day 38 before work

3.5 mile run at lunch

Thursday, April 4:

EPIC III - Day 39 before work

3 mile walk at lunch

1 mile walk with dog in evening

Friday, April 5:

3 mile walk at lunch

4 mile walk after work with dog

Saturday, April 6:

EPIC III - Day 41

2.25 mile run

2 mile walk with dog and kids

Sunday, April 7:

EPIC III - Day 42 with my shadow:

Me: Please take a photo so we have proof that we used to do this program.

2.25 mile run

1.5 mile walk with dog and kids

Monday, April 8:

3 mile walk at lunch

EPIC III - Day 43 in evening (too tired to do it before work)

1 mile walk with dog

Tuesday, April 9:

3 mile walk at lunch

3.5 mile walk with dog after work (it was a gorgeous spring day!)


  1. Preferred time to workout? Never.
    Sad, but true...

    1. Haha and YET you had soooo many steps on vacation - definitely working out!

  2. I prefer not to exercise! But right now I'm trying to walk midday when the kids are in school. Failing that, a short walk when they're all home and the big kids can keep track of the troublemaker.

  3. That's a fantastic weight collection! I really need to focus more on strength training.

    Ideally I love to workout mid-morning. I have to eat before I exercise and need about an hour or so to let food settle. Then I can still be showered and put together before noon. In reality, I'm often using naptime hours after lunch to exercise, and if it doesn't happen then, it usually doesn't happen at all... except I do love an evening Pilates session to help unwind!

    1. If I don't have to work, I am so with you on the mid morning! I think I need to try Pilates again. Have you heard of Wall Pilates?


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