Friday, April 5, 2024

Week in Review: Spotted! - Toes, Faces and Kids

Hello April!  
And with April comes showers.  
And with showers come May flowers.  
And with Mayflowers come pilgrims.  
Gotta love a New England joke :) 

 This week was a little short because we drove home from Maryland on Monday so the week didn't really start until Tuesday.  I like my weeks like I like my baby's births - short and uneventful.  

Guess the Feet

Before we left for our Easter trip, Maggie and I had mani/pedis as is our annual tradition:

Maggie has always had "finger toes" that she can control like fingers and spread them out like they are's a cool party trick.

A Dermatologist Date

Also before we left, Phil and I went to the dermatologist to see about a tiny spot on our faces.  I found this photo that shows the little raised spot near my hairline (sorry for the closeup of my wrinkles, but I wanted you to see how insignificant it was).

We went to the dermatologist together, she took us back into the room together and biopsied us together.  We were making jokes about how romantic this date was, and how we do everything together, aren't we so cute, hahaha.  I took this photo of our matching Band-Aids to post when we received our biopsy results.  

Well we got the call this week that we both have skin cancer and need Mohs surgery to remove it.  It's the most common form of skin cancer, basal cell, and we will be having the surgeries during Spring break.  I always say this, but go get yourselves checked, please!  Finding skin cancer in an early stage is the best possible outcome.  I'm mostly upset that we can't get the area wet or exercise strenuously for two weeks, but obviously so grateful to get it taken care of.

We Know Him!

Onto better news...Phil took a photo of the new poster hanging at our high school, featuring a handsome altar server we all know and love: 

Eamon is literally him.

Good Eats

I have been loving making these adult lunchables in these fun!

We also tried a new recipe for dinner this week ~ Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls ~ cooked in the instant pot, instead of the crockpot, and then we mixed in leftover rice from the chicken fajitas the night before.  We sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top and it was really tasty!

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Brendan discussing the car trip "I can never fall asleep in the car!" 

 Also Brendan:

Why yes, that is a used puke bag, it wouldn't be a car trip without one!

Chance Run-ins

Xander's godfather texted me this pic:

Apparently he was out visiting Franciscan for an award ceremony and career fair and Andrew walked by!  Such a small world :)

Two Recommendations

While I was in Maryland, I felt a coldsore coming on.  My friend, Katie, is a big essential oil fan and had me use some of this on the spot.  I have to say that I am typically a skeptic but it did seem to help the coldsore dry up and stay smaller than usual.

Also, I wore these wedges to the bridal shower and Easter, and they are so comfy plus I got some compliments on them which is always a thrill.

Have a *fingers crossed* sunny weekend everyone!  


  1. "I like my weeks like I like my baby's births - short and uneventful." Haha!
    I can splay my toes like Maggie. My husband calls my toes "French fries" and jokes that if he ever loses a finger, we can just amputate one of my toes. They really are so much like fingers! I wish other parts of my body were so nearly long and lean ;)
    I'm sorry about the test results but how fortunate to catch it early. Wishing you the a safe and complete healing process.
    I love seeing my kids sleep in the car. Hilarious and so adorable.
    That "cabbage" roll recipe sounds delish!

    1. That's so funny about the french fry toes :) Brendan really doesn't believe us that he sleeps in the car. He says he is "just pretending" so that he can trick his body into actually falling asleep.

  2. Good catch on the skin cancer! I would never have noticed such a spot on myself. I also guessed completely wrong about the feet - you have very youthful toes!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. My husband noticed it as new, and I had it checked after a few months...but I made him get a spot he kept picking at get checked too....and voila skin cancer for two!

  3. Ah sorry about the skin cancer/Mohs. I have had the BCC & Mohs combo twice over last 4 years. I could go back and kick my younger self for trying so hard to get my Irish skin tanned like my friends! And your post is timely as I called doc yesterday about a spot that popped up and started babbling to the receptionist that maybe it was a zit, haha...these spots are so tough!

    That pic of Eamon is very cool & recipe sounds delicious!

    1. Yes, we were so young and stupid. And even though I know so much better now, my kids still want to get tan every summer and I try and scare them as much as possible. I'm sure this will be the first of many for me as well, sadly.

  4. Oh my goodness, Colleen, that took my breath away - I am so thankful you had your spots checked out. That is terrifying, the thought of what could have been - but of course, this is the best possible outcome. I am so grateful you had it taken care of.
    I want adult Lunchables! What a fun idea!

    1. It's crazy because my whole body is spotted, so how do you know what's what? But my husband pushed me to have this one checked, thankfully. The lunches are fun to eat, and to pack the night before :)

  5. Good catch on the basal cell! I have a spot on my face that looks so much like basal cell to me (essentially a pearly pimple looking spot that doesn't go away) but it hasn't changed for years and two different dermatologists told me it was fine so... *fingers crossed*

    Maggie has what our family calls "Land toes" after another family we know... they all have long, dexterous toes! I think the wide variation between toe appearance and ability is so funny. My second and third toes on both feet have a very slight web that you'd never notice unless you were looking directly for it, but of course it's all I see when I look down.

    1. The derm thought mine was suspicious because it was pearly...honestly I don't know how they can know without taking a biopsy, so maybe just ask for one if you're worried. Feet are so weird and gross - ha!

  6. My Lauren also has Finger Toes. It's a thing! :)
    Scary about the skin cancer....but I'm so happy you guys are on top of it all!
    Look at that handsome Model son of yours!

    1. I think the skin cancer will just be an ongoing saga in my life, unfortunately. "handsome model son" - which one?? Just kidding! Thanks!


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