Sunday, March 9, 2008

How much do you love Jesus?

This was the question that our pastor, Fr. Landry, asked during a homily a few years ago. He told the story of how his mother used to always do so much work for the Church and his father grew to resent it. A wise priest said to his father, "Are you mad that your wife loves Jesus MORE than she loves you?" And he then realized that his wife was doing the right thing...loving Jesus first and foremost. What a great story, and one that I really took to heart as at the time because I was struggling with Phil being gone on Sunday mornings leading the CCD program. I had to be at home by myself with two young boys and pregnant with the third, and feeling quite resentful (and hormonal!) about the whole thing. That homily made me realize that Phil wasn't choosing to leave me alone, pregnant, with the kids for a few hours on Sunday mornings, he was instead choosing to show his love for Jesus and the Church. So, I then chose to show my love for Jesus by accepting my role in the whole thing and growing to enjoy my alone time with the kids. Now the 4 kiddos and I have great Sunday morning traditions where we get donuts and watch a movie together. Thank you Jesus for opening my heart!

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