Monday, April 7, 2008

Number 3, otherwise known as Eamon

Eamon is a troublesome kid. I've been saying it since he was born. Actually, I've been known to say at times that he is the devil incarnate, but you get the point. He was a colicky baby and cried and spit up constantly until around a year old. He didn't sleep through the night until he was 17 months old (and at 18 months, he's still not consistent). He doesn't know how to talk quietly, only how to scream for what he wants. He always wants to be "up" in my arms, but will never give me a hug or kiss when I ask for one. He now sleeps in a big-boy bed (yes, at merely 18 months) because he climbs/falls out of his crib and my OCD-self thinks he will break his neck one night. He picks his nose non-stop and then proceeds to eat it and says "yum". He charges at his older brothers full-force to wrestle with them. He just learned to say "no" with great enthusiasm and knows exactly when to use it to push my buttons.

So why is it, that with all his stubborn ways, I find this kid so irresistible? Like when he kisses his baby sister on the head and touches her so gently. Or when he runs over to me and gives me a big kiss (but only when I don't ask for one). Or how he makes a little fist and taps my fist and says "sup". Or when he runs around all day with a big smile on his face just happy to be a part of this crazy family. Or how he blows kisses to Jesus, Mary and the angels anytime he sees a statue. Or how he claps at anything good that his coming his way (a cookie, Elmo, going outside). Or how he sings at Holy Mass even when everyone else has stopped.

This kid is definitely Heaven-sent. God is using him to teach me a lot about myself, to see my own flaws and imperfections, and to learn how to love unconditionally. Eamon is here to put a prayer in my heart and a smile on my face everyday. And I thank God for him...really I do!

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