Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Busy, Busy

I realized today that I have been so busy lately, I have hardly had time to check email, never mind post on my blog. But right now everybody is taking a nap (miraculous!!) and I am using this time to eat lunch and check email and post. I should really be putting in a wash and cleaning the floors, but everyone deserves a break once in a while! Last Saturday, I had to work all day because it's tax season, yuck! But then on Sunday, my whole family got together to celebrate my mom's 70th birthday with a surprise brunch! Later that afternoon, Phil and I, along with my sister and her husband, went to a country concert...Phil Vassar! He was so great, talented and entertaining plus not ugly at all! My pictures were very blurry because he wouldn't stop moving around onstage (the nerve!) for me to take a perfect shot. Also newsworthy is that Maggie and Andrew have colds so that has been keeping me very occupied, but they are on the mend. So here are some recent pics of what's been happening...

Eamon on Easter morning excited about what the Easter Bunny brought. The Easter Bunny was very smart this year and gave the goodies in beach pails and a toy wheelbarrow instead of baskets so that the boys had summer beach toys to play with as well!

Me and Maggie on Easter right before we went outside to Easter egg hunt at my brother's house

Andrew hunting for eggs...this is his typical camera smile

John-Paul and his cousin, Caitlin, count out the eggs they found

John-Paul letting Gammy know that it's her surprise birthday party!

Andrew and me hanging out while he was feeling a little sick. He is wearing a post-it note from John-Paul that says "Andrew, your (you're) my best friend" sweet!

Phil Vassar in concert playing the piano....

And here he is again, inviting the audience to sing with him to "Carleen", my song. Of course, I sing it as "Colleen"!

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  1. LOL! It must be so great to be a mom and share all these special and hilarious moments with your kids! HEHEHEHE...


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