Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sneaky Behavior

Just the other night, I saw a little bald spot on the back of Andrew's head.

Me: "What's that?" I asked Phil.

Phil: "You must have done it when you cut his hair."

Me: "But I cut his hair two weeks ago, and I just noticed this bald spot now, something else is going on."

The next day, I noticed Eamon had two bald spots on the top of his head. I asked John-Paul if he knew why Eamon had them, and he started stammering, "Um, well, maybe, ah". I told him to tell me the truth (he's such a horrible liar, which is great for us) because God already saw what had happened, and I needed to know.

Finally, John-Paul told me that he had cut Andrew's hair and then Andrew cut Eamon's hair. But, he didn't understand why I was upset because they used their safety scissors.

I was actually more upset that they hadn't told me what happened than about what actually happened. Besides, I give all the boys crew cuts, so it's not too noticeable, and at least they didn't cut Maggie's hair which is hard to come by as it is!

An important note to this story is that all of this haircutting took place while I was at work, and they were under Phil's watch. Also, when I found out what happened to their hair, I told Phil and let him know that it wasn't my bad-hair-cutting-skills as he had proposed. He has yet to apologize...

(at least they didn't look like this poor kid!)

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