Monday, August 4, 2008

That's it, we're moving.

Wanna hear why Phil and I are exhausted this morning? Nope, not that ;-) Maggie woke up last night around 1am, so Phil went up to give her a bottle, and I promptly fell back asleep.

I awoke to a door slamming and loud banging a little while later. Phil was not back in bed yet, and of course I started assuming the worst; a thief had broken in, a killer was attacking Phil, etc. I ran a couple scenarios through my mind while I was deciding to get out of bed or not. Then, feeling like one of those dumb girls in a scary movie who always seem to walk right into the danger zones, I went and opened the bedroom door.

Phil yelled out "Colleen, Colleen, shut the door, bat" and I thought he was being attacked by someone with a bat, so I screamed "What's going on?" and again he yelled at me to shut the door because THERE WAS A BAT IN THE HOUSE!!!

I turned on all the lights in our bedroom, ran back to bed, and hid under the covers. If there's one thing I hate more than mice, it's bats, and I was freaked out! Five minutes later, I heard Phil yell that he got it, and then he came back to bed (my hero!) and told me what had happened.

When Maggie had cried, and Phil went upstairs to her bedroom, he saw TWO bats flying around in the upstairs hallway. He grabbed a blanket and flipped on the lights and the bats flew downstairs. One actually flew out on our screened-in porch so he shut the door and it was trapped out there (hence the slamming door that woke me up).

The other bat was somewhere downstairs in the house, and he went bat hunting with his trusty tennis racket. He found the second bat hanging upside-down above the doorway to our family room (ugh!). He swung at it and the bat fell to the floor, where he mightily and bravely killed it with his strong tennis racket blows. Then he threw it outside (we still need to find the carcass and discard of it).

Both of us were wide awake for the longest time with all of that adrenaline rushing through our bodies. In the morning, I was scared to even go upstairs to get the kids out of bed. And the first bat is still on our screened-in porch for now.

So if anyone knows of a nice house with cheap rent and none of these guys:
we'd be interested!!

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