Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Doctor's Visit Stats

Maggie had her 9-month physical and Eamon had his two-year physical on Monday. Here are their stats:

Eamon: 33 inches tall & 29 pounds

Maggie: 30 inches long & 25 pounds

I actually thought Maggie was going to weigh more than Eamon because she feels so heavy when I pick her up.

And I can't believe Eamon is only 33 inches tall. John-Paul and Andrew were both 36 inches tall (3 ft.) when they turned 2. Eamon's gonna be my little shortie!

Can you believe that Maggie is only 3 inches shorter and 4 pounds lighter than her 14-months-older-brother? What is going on?? Hopefully she'll thin out when she starts walking, which she is very close to doing already. Maybe she'll end up being a supermodel with her height, or an awesome volleyball player. Just as long as she doesn't play beach volleyball wearing a skimpy bikini!!

Here's the devotionals:
September 30 & October 1

Happy Feast Day to St. Therese!

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  1. Patrick's future wife would never wear one of those skimpy bikini's!
    Ha ha ha!


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