Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh the irony of it all

Yesterday while I was using my 30% coupon at Old Navy (see Thursday's post), Maggie was getting fussy in the stroller. So I gave her my cell phone to keep her entertained. She was chewing on it a little, but it has a cover so I didn't think much of it.

When I got in the car and tried to call Phil, it wouldn't work. And it still doesn't. So last night I went to my T-Mobile store to get it replaced, and of course, my name isn't on the account (I mean really, why should it be, I'm only the wife of the person on the account, can recite his SS# by heart, and I pay the bills, but whatever).

So I come home and let Phil go to the store to get it replaced/fixed and the guy working there decided to let him in on a little secret. He said that if we just went to Target and bought a prepaid phone, I could put my SIM card in it, and use it like my regular phone.

This morning I packed up all the kids, braved the pouring rain (Phil is helping my parents move today) and went to Target. I picked out a phone for only $30, checked with the guy there to make sure it would work with my SIM card (he said it would). Got back home and plugged it in and put my SIM card in, and it's asking me to put my SIM card in. But I already did. So I took it out and tried again...still not working.

So now I have two phones that are probably okay, and one SIM card that is dead. Now what do I do?? (Seriously, any advice would be appreciated.)

Oh, and as for the ironic part of this whole story:

Last month, in order to save money, we decided to shut off our home phone service. We never used it and doing so would save us about $40 per month. So it was a no-brainer (at the time).

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