Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fantasy Football

I still haven't figured out why people bother with "Fantasy Football". It seems like it takes too much time and energy.
Below is my version of Fantasy Football:
Oh, Tommy boy, you're so handsome!

But you need to be on your knees more, you are Catholic after all!

Wes Welker has been a great addition to the team...

And not a bad addition to the eyes either!

Matt Cassel, you are quite the man for taking Tom's place.

And you're also taking over his place in my heart (sorry Tom, but Giselle will console you!)

Ahhh, my favorite Referee. I just refer to him as #85 (he's also a married father of six!!)

You can call him Ed "Hercules", I mean Hochuli :-)

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  1. does this have anyhting to do with your dream last night....


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