Tuesday, February 3, 2009


(I got the Gratituesday idea from her...thanks!)

Today I am thankful for TAXES. Yup, you read that right...taxes.

But everybody hates taxes, you say? I hear you, and I sympathize with you, but I don't feel the same way for two reasons.

The first is that because of taxes, I have a job. No taxes = no complicated tax returns = no need for accountants = no need for someone to pay me to do them. So I am grateful for my part-time accounting job that turns into an almost full-time job during tax season.

The second reason I am thankful for taxes is that every year, based on our meager income and our not-so-meager family size, we get a big refund. Now, being a wise accountant (ha!) I know that getting a refund is not really a good thing. It merely means we gave the government too much money and they give it back to us a year later.

We theoretically lost the opportunity to invest that money for a year, and therefore lost interest income. However, being a financial realist, I understand that money in the pocket/checking account usually translates into money spent. So getting a chunk of change once a year helps us to put a little in savings and pay off some debt (college loans, car payments, etc.).

So thanks, Uncle Sam, for taxing us like crazy so that I can have a job and we can look forward to a yearly refund. My family and I are grateful!!


  1. Well... that's certainly an optimistic way to look at things Tax Lady.

  2. It is nice to get that big fat check (okay--direct deposit) back in the spring. Then I remember that we lent it to the gov't interest free. Oh well...if they had to pay interest, our taxes would be higher, right? Have a fun tax season! :)

  3. I also look forward to my refund. We also were wounding dose it make sence to give the goverment a loan. mostly not but we sure do enjoy the big check in Fed.

  4. Hello! Thanks for stopping in. I also have four kids and enjoy every minute of it! (ALMOST EVERY MINUTE!) It is fun to see how other moms are doing it

  5. Great post! And what a great way to look at things. Hope you had a good day today!



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