Friday, March 20, 2009

High Five Friday - All About Andrew

Today's High Five Friday will be all about Andrew (age 4) because he has been growing up so fast lately, and really impressing me!
1) Andrew told me the other evening that I am "so lucky because there are two girls in our family and four boys". I guess he thinks boys are better than girls!

2) When he went to the dentist for his 6 month cleaning, the hygienist told him he had to stop sucking his thumb because it was messing up his teeth. She promised him a surprise if he stopped before the next time he came in. And you know what? He stopped cold turkey!! We put gloves on him at night to remind him not to suck his thumb in his sleep, and he tells me everyday that he has NOT sucked his thumb. His teeth are already moving back into a straight line!

3) After I cleaned the bathroom on Sunday, Andrew walked in and said "Hey, why is it so new in here?" Ha!

4) Andrew loves to do homework like his big brother. So when he doesn't have homework from school, we make up something for him to do. The other day, he got out an activity book that had a color-by-number picture, and he colored it perfectly without any help from me. He "read" the directions and used all 6 colors correctly. Here's some of his other artwork:
(this last one is me on my wedding day!)

5) And speaking of reading...Andrew can "read" The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss all by himself. I went through it once with him, and he has been reading it solo ever since. He even told his teacher that he could read it to the class, and she let him! Of course, he is not really reading (I don't think) but more likely has memorized it and looks at the pictures, and figures out the rhyming. When he gets stuck on a word, he does sound it out which is all still very impressive to his mom!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Colleen, he is a delight.

  2. I love the pic of you on your wedding day-no offense to andrew but i think you looked a little nicer than that :)


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