Monday, April 27, 2009

Fed up with myself

OK, so vacation week is over and my pants are busting at the seams. There's some serious muffin top going on here. I got on the scale last night after eating a ton of food, and was shocked at how high the number was. Enough is enough!!
What's super frustrating is that I exercise a LOT. I am running about 20 miles a week, walking a few miles on my "day off", and taking 2 kickboxing classes and an abs/toning class every week.
But then I rationalize with myself: "I can eat some dessert, I exercised hard today" or "I'll just run this off in the morning". Another problem is that I wait to eat dinner until after I go to the gym at night, so I eat dinner around 8pm, and then go to bed with a full belly.
I know I am a mom to four kids, and I'm not trying to look like a supermodel or get into a size 4, I want to be realistically healthy. I can't use being a mom as an excuse because I had my fourth baby almost 17 months ago, and I still have not gotten off these last 10 pounds.
So, today is the day!! Phil and I are following a modified Abs diet, and writing down what we eat and how much we exercise in a journal. I am going to watch portion sizes (my biggest downfall) and make healthy choices. We are going to weigh ourselves only once a week, and try to support each other. I need to encourage him to exercise, and he needs to encourage me to eat less.
I'll try to post the results of the weigh-in each week in the Friday HI-LO post. So, fellow bloggers, send some encouraging thoughts our way, we'll take any help we can get :)


  1. So, do you feel unhealthy because the pants are tight, or because you've made poor eating choices? Because you are obviously doing quite enough exercise, which is a huge factor in staying healthy. Is it realistic to try to drop that 10 extra pounds? Maybe it's your new normal. Good health and good eating habits are great goals to have for yourself and for your kids. Just don't be too hard on yourself!

  2. Hi:) What a beautiful family you have! I'm trying to watch what I eat too, and exercise a bit more. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

  3. That's funny but only because I gained 3 pounds on my vacation last week, as did the aunt I was staying with ... only she has an excuse because she's 6 1/2 months pregnant. *sigh* That's okay. All the fish & chips and extra dessert was worth it! ;)

  4. Colleen - I am right there with you - I'm in better shape now than ever and still 5 lbs over where I was before babies 3 and 4 came so quickly together (#4 is almost 18 months old). It's ok to enjoy your vacation with your family! That's what it's for; it's hard to watch portion size & not snack - I'm doing better now that the easter candy is gone (and I am NOT going to tell you how much of it I ate myself!) Today is a new day, make a fresh start at healthy choices & I'll try to as well :-)

  5. ....and this is why i got the pound cake, which was really good by the way. I've also gotten out of control lately, maybe we're spending too much time together eating....

  6. Thanks for your honesty. Been there. And muffin top..let me tell you! I struggle with eating healthy and making better food choices too. Of course, I rationalize like crazy too..I'm in much better shape than I was before children, weigh a bit less and wear a smaller size too so sometimes I trick myself into thinking I don't need to exercise becase I don't need to lose weight. But then I remember that I'm just trying to be more healthy too and it's not about the weight loss. *sigh* It's a tough battle some days. And abs..well, if you can give me a good remedy for getting those completely into shape..PLEASE share! I've been a lot better with food choices the last few months due to fertility diet stuff, but no pounds dropped and I easily fall off the wagon...oh look! There's that cookie jar FULL of Monster cookies we made yesterday...better go.. :)
    Keep us updated, but it sounds like you are probably way ahead of me with exercise right now. You go girl!

  7. Hey, thanks for stopping by... well, now you know that not only do my kids probably not bathe enough (smile) but that I too have those 10-15 pounds I would always love to lose. I work out at the gym regularly - and train with a personal trainer usually twice a week - but lord knows I just eat a little tad too much.

    First step - cutting out my evening red wine. AAHHGGGHHH! Second - writing all you eat down is key. You'll do it. Seriously - it's amazing what we put in our mouths that we deny because there is no proof.

    Good luck - and I'll keep checking back!

  8. I know how ya feel!
    I joined WW in January and so far have lost 18 lbs., it feels good, but I have to say, it's hard to stay w/ the program, ya know.
    Portion control is my downfall too!!
    I think the best advise is try to "graze" throughout the day, I eat things like FF cottage cheese, Like 1/3 cup,,ugh, then I'll have a FF yougurt, and water, water, water!!
    In the morning I have a cup of Special K w/ skim and 1/2 a banana...boring, I know!
    You sound like you're getting PLENTY of exercise!
    I think it will happen, all in due time, my friend!

  9. I have gained and lost the same 15 pounds since my's ridiculous.
    I was about to give you my rule of thumb but really? Who am I to be giving advice?

  10. I think this is something that we all struggle with. I know I do and I haven't even had a baby yet! Good luck with your new plan. I know you can do it. :)

  11. Just reading about all your steady exercising wears me out! What a great effort you are putting forth for your health and a happy future with your family. I wouldn't worry about the vacation'll jump back on the bandwagon soon enough. Vacations are made for this sort of indiscretion;)

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm always excited when I meet someone new. Especially someone with such a beautiful family!

  12. Here's my encouragement: YOU CAN DO IT! I find eating healthy to be the "easy" part and exercise is the "hard" part. Man, if we could get the two of us together we'd be unstoppable. ;)

    Even though my pregnancy weight gain has been minimal thanks to HG and being forced to give up refined sugars/most carbs, I still have a LOT to lose. I never got down to the right weight after having Ben, so I think I will come home from the hospital still with at least 30 pounds to go. We'll see! You can inspire me to work out, and I'll inspire you to eat better. :)

  13. I am astounded at how much exercise you get! You really must be wonderfully healthy already. Hopefully, you will soon begin to feel as healthy as you are!

  14. It takes me forever to lose weight after the babies, that last 10 never comes off! So like a year after my 3rd was born, I weighed like 40 lb over my normal weight, and I said enough! It was hard, but thank goodness I did that because this 4th pregnancy was a lot more challenging, I can't imagine another 40lb to boot!

    You can do it!!! I'm behind you!

  15. Sounds like there are an awful lot of us in this same boat. Think its the season? I'm with you on the muffin top, but I can't blame my last baby weight gain since that was ohhh 7 years ago! You sure sound like you are doing everything right.
    I think my metabolism is finally slowing down and my eating has not changed to keep me in my happy weight zone. I've always eaten anything I've wanted and not worried! Not anymore. I wish men worried about this kind of stuff :)

  16. Hi Colleen!

    Don't forget that your muscle also weighs more. Anyway, we like the portion control program since it gives a Catholic view on portion control as a sacrificial offering on someone else's behalf. It really is a beautiful way to bring spiritual dynamics into body health with the concentration being off of self and onto another. Also, for your "serious muffin top" plus everything else, you might be interested in T-Tapp which is based on core fitness with comprehensive compound muscle movement WITHOUT running or jumping. You have to look at the website and be amazed at the results. Best of luck and who in their right mind would post their weight weekly for the world to see; you are brave!!!!


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