Friday, April 24, 2009

Hi Lo

This has been such a great week, so there are definitely more highs than lows!
1) Every morning this week, Andrew (age 4) has woken me up saying "Happy Vacation Day, Mommy"! What a great way to start the day :)
2) Phil and I have been able to exercise a lot this week. I am so proud of him for running and trying to get healthier (he doesn't need to look any better, that's for sure!)
3) All of this family time has been wonderful for the kids. There has been a LOT of tickle fests and wrestling going on, as well as story times and playground visits.
4) Maggie (16 months) now says "Thank You" and "grilled cheese" and "John-Paul". Of course, we may be the only ones who understand her!
5) The firm I work for gave us Monday off this week as a paid holiday. What a super thank you for our tax season work.
6) My niece, Rory Elizabeth, got baptized on Sunday in PA. Even though we weren't able to attend, we are so excited for her, her parents, and her 4 siblings.
7) Last night, we had two wonderful women over for dinner that work at my sons' school. It was so nice to talk to them outside of school, and the food was delicious - Salad, Beef Burgundy, Pound Cake with strawberries and whipped cream. I think I gained 5 pounds.
1) Maggie was on omnicef for a double ear infection that wasn't going away. When my friend Laura asked us about her dosage, we realized we had been giving her one tsp. TWICE daily instead of ONCE daily. Whoops! We called poison control right away who told us not to worry too much. Then I called her doctor and spoke to the nurse who just said to finish the medicine as scheduled. So she finished her 10 day course in 6 days. I hope this doesn't mess up the healing process....she is going back for an ear re-check on Tuesday.
I think that's it for the lows this week - how blessed are we? Now it's your turn to share, I'd love to hear it!!


  1. It's a PD (Professional Development) Day here in Canada. The sun is shinning, we just enjoyed some wonderful homemade muffins that we baked together. The kids are getting lots of time outdoors. Smiles and Giggles fill the air. It's a good day and I'm thankful for the little things :)
    Great Post

  2. Love the hi-los. My husband and I started doing that after we saw the movie The Story of Us.

    Hope the ear infections go away--that must've been a good scare for you. Glad everything's okay!

  3. I wish I could hear Maggie talk to Ben! ;) Poor baby... hope the ear infection is all clear by check-up time.

  4. Ok...NOW I see where I am supposed to link my entry! LOL
    My HI/LO's can be found here:

    Hope your little one's ear infection clears up soon! I think we're headed in that direction as my ds, 12 is lying with a hot water bottle on his ear as I type. (ah oh)


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