Friday, May 22, 2009

Hi Lo: May 22


1) I do not normally watch American Idol, but I did watch the finale and was SO HAPPY that Kris won.

I know I'm not supposed to judge, but Adam completely freaked me out!

2) We finally have the date set for Maggie's ear tube surgery - May 27th. We will be so glad to get her off these antibiotics.

3) Phil found out he does NOT have a stress fracture in his foot, so he can start running again - slowly this time.

4) The kids school had an Ed Fair on Wed night. The bell choir, and choruses performed for a full house, and then we went to our kids classrooms and saw all the hard work they have been doing. They were so happy to show us, and of course we were very proud :)

5) It has been so nice and sunny and warm here :)


1) Poor Phil has been removing wallpaper every day this week. Yuck! Luckily, I'm friends with Laura because her aunt lent us her steamer which makes the job a lot easier, and her hubby, Pedro, has been helping Phil at night.

2) I have not lost any more weight (but I have not gained either).

3) One of the projects we saw in John-Paul's class was a depiction of the kids' moms. They used a paper plate for the face, yarn for the hair, made a body and wrote why they love their mom. John-Paul wrote he loved me because I cook him dinner! The low part of this story is that his artistic rendition of me was so not flattering. He drew me with a huge waist and jeans on, short yarn hair, pointy purple nails and an orange shirt. Most of the other moms were drawn with long hair, skirts and high heels. Oh well, I guess he's a realist!

4) As this automatically posts, we will be on an 8 hour car ride (I Hate Hate Hate long trips)...and then have to drive all the way back home on Monday. I'll post about why and where later :)


  1. Also glad Kris won!

    And as for the paper plate...DO YOU REALLY HAVE LONG PURPLE NAILS?!?!?

    So glad that you had fun at the school event and hope that even though you had to make a long trip, it was for happy reasons :)

    Thanks for hosting this fun meme!

  2. Thanks for these Colleen!
    I agree. I am so glad Kris won. I am not an avid follower of AI, but from what I did catch this season, I got the bee-jee-be's (is that a word?) from Adam. Sorry, I too, should not judge!
    Loved to hear about your son's 'realistic' view of you...that's cute! :)
    I still love these Hi Lo's every week. One day I'm gonna join in.. the Blogger's prayer on your sidebar! That's too cute! Can I borrow it??

  3. Hey nothing wrong with purple nails! lol

  4. I usually follow American Idol like it was the only thing in my life to do at night, but this year I was busy every night it was on. That being said, I did catch a few minutes here and there, and Adam totally freaked me out too!!! Plus I didn't think his voice was good at all. sounded like a fake screaming girl. did not like him at all!

  5. Good highs and lows Colleen. Have I told you that we do those at the dinner table every night? I love finding out information from my kids by making it into a game.

    Taking wallpaper off is probably my most hated task. Have a super weekend. Be safe driving for so long.


  6. Okay, as much as I love Kris "the person", Adam had some absolutely AWESOME skills! And although his look is weird, I've watched all season and he seems like a sweet kid, too. His parents seem proud and I thought he should've won --- SIMPLY for his skills. If I had to pick one to marry or to be my son-in-law or something like that, you bet I'd have chosen Kris!

    That being said, just stopped by your blog to say hi! So "Hi!" ha ha ha


  7. Colleen, I love your blog and I love your blog prayer! I'm so glad that I found you! God bless you!


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