Friday, May 8, 2009

Hi Lo: May 8th

1) I got on the scale this morning after the second week of trying to eat healthier and keep up the exercise, and I lost 3 pounds! That means the total lost is 7.5 pounds. Pretty good, but I think the next 5 pounds are not going to come off so easily...we'll see. (Phil weighed himself, and neither lost nor gain, which I think is because he is gaining muscle from all the running he is doing. His total weight loss is still 10 pounds.)
2) Maggie and Eamon have been so cute lately, it really makes me enjoy my days at home. They are constantly playing together and giving each other kisses. They share so well most of the time, it's really heartwarming.
3) Today Andrew is going on a field trip to a Children's Museum and he is so excited! I'm not sure if he's happier to go to the museum or ride the bus - they are both just. so. great. :)
1) I took John-Paul to the hospital yesterday to get his blood drawn so they could test for the nut allergies. He was very nervous, and freaked out a little before the needle went in, but he actually did much better than the last time he had a shot (when 3 nurses had to hold him down). We went out for ice cream after, which made everything worth it.
2) It has been raining all week.
3) Phil has been gone a lot this week with 1st Communion rehearsals every day after school. He's in charge of the CCD program at our church, and this is the busy season! It makes me grateful that he is usually at home during the witching hours right before dinner. It's been hard without him. I don't know how so many moms do it on their own...what heroes!

What are your ups and downs from the week?


  1. Hooray for losing the weight! I'm joining Jen on the 40 by 40 quest... only for me it is simply 40 by January. I get to cheat a bit since part of it is baby weight and the nursing will help with that, though!

  2. What a great post. You lost weight? How awesome is that?

    Sorry about the needle/drawing blood stuff...that is NEVER fun for anyone. I hope all goes well.
    Love that picture on top of all 4 kids.....they are beautiful.
    ***living the blessed life***
    Happy Mama's day weekend.

  3. Colleen great going on the weight loss! What a Hi that is, for sure! I think my Hi's were finishing the race in under an hour and having Matt back home, and the lo's? That would be 1) the dentist and grocery shopping with all four 2) Sarah screaming at me all through wal-mart 3) Climby McBaby who won't stay off the kitchen table. Here's to Mother's Day!

  4. 7 miles, wow! Hard to believe I used to run that everyday in CC practice. Had to stop in college due to a knee problem. I would never dream of running that nowadays, good for you!!!


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