Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last weekend

So last Friday morning at 4 am, we buckled our sleepy children into their carseats and headed out to Maryland. It is about an 8 hour trip for us, so we like to leave early and let the kids sleep for awhile.

My in-laws live in MD, and we had a very important reason for travelling there last weekend - Phil's dad became a Deacon! The Ordination was on Saturday at the Cathedral, and it was very beautiful. I believe there were 12 permanent Deacons being ordained that day. After the Mass, all the grandkids started calling him "Deacon Gramps", although one of my nephews couldn't articulate it clearly and called him "Bacon Gramps" - ha!

We had a cookout on Sunday, complete with s'mores around the fire. My in-laws have a huge backyard and it was in the 80's, so we were outside almost the whole weekend! Our kids got to play with their cousins they hardly ever see, so they were in Heaven.

We had a nice time, the kids were soooooo good in the car on Fri and Mon, and we're headed back down in about 3 weeks while our house is being painted.

Enjoy more pictures in the Memorial Weekend slideshow! (at the bottom)


  1. Congrats to Bacon Gramps!!!
    Cousin time is always the best as a kid...and even as an adult!!

  2. Ah! Congrats to Bacon Gramps! I have a feeling that nick name will's just too cute:)

  3. How thrilling.You all must be so proud!!

  4. Congrats to your FIL! That's great!
    And those pictures are just too cute! Love the marshmallow pictures! :)

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a beautiful family!

    Do I have your permission to post the "Blogger's Prayer" on my page? That prayer describes me completely!

  6. How cool is that!? We have only a couple of permanent deacons in our diocese due to an abundance (thank God) of priests.

    He'd be able to baptize any future children! Wow!

    Congratulations to him and to your family! :)


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