Friday, May 29, 2009

Hi Lo: May 29th

1) John-Paul's blood test showed no peanut allergy!! Yay!! Now we have a "peanut challenge" scheduled for July when he will have to eat pb at the allergist's office to make sure his body reacts okay.

2) I have been eating more fruits and veggies lately. Actually, my last two dinners have been vegetarian fajitas, and veggie burgers with corn on the cob. Yum!

3) We are almost done taking down the wallpaper in the house, and have the painters scheduled to come on June 20th.

4) WIPEOUT started this week. This show is so stinkin funny, and I'm not usually one for game shows or Funniest-Video-type shows, but this one is awesome!

5) On a similar note, So You Think You Can Dance also started recently - I am not a dancer, but I love to watch these young people bust a move (I sound so old when I say that!).

6) Even though we travelled this week, I still managed to exercise (run) in MD.

Last night, while Phil was at Tee Ball practice with John-Paul, I was pooped, but made myself suffer through Level One and Level Two of this:

And you know what? Afterwards, I felt so much better. Exercise really is my medication!

1) Maggie's ear tube surgery was scheduled for Wed morning, but when Phil brought her in for the pre-op appointment on Tues, the anaesthesiologist said he wouldn't put her under because her lungs didn't sound good. She has a cold and little cough, as well as a low-grade fever that comes and goes.

So, we went to out pediatrician on Wed to get her checked out, and he said her lungs sounded fine, and to get her a chest x-ray to prove the anaesthesiologist wrong. I took her to the hospital to get the x ray, and it came back clean. Now we are waiting until June 3rd (the next available surgery).

It's so frustrating because she has been on antibiotics for soooo long, and she was perfectly healthy while we had to wait for the surgery but then got sick right before. The pediatrician says the reason she has the fever/cold is because her little body is trying to fight off an infection being caused from all the fluid in her ears.
What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. Good to meet ya, Colleen! Nice blog. CUTE kids! I like the Hi Lo idea and enjoyed reading yours.

  2. Hope you don't mind, I finally joined you in your Hi Lo's. I always enjoy yours and thought I'd jump in this week. I also borrowed your arrows since I struggled finding my that alright too?
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I've heard about those 30 day shred videos! I just do so much better going to the gym instead of working out at home. But now I sort of want to try them! I've heard they don't take that long and are pretty awesome. I'm just not good at keeping up with classes at the gym - remember aerobics at Steubie? I sucked!

    Give Maggie a big kiss and I hope everything goes well on the 3rd. Poor baby!

  4. Great news about that peanut allergy..too bad you are still playing that stinkin waiting game fro tubes UG

    Make sure you let us know if your body lets you try the 30 minute shred again. I've heard it's brutal!!

  5. Yay - outgrowing peanuts is a huge accomplishment. May God be with you at the food challenge. Be sure to bring a change of clothes for everyone that day.

  6. I'm so sorry the surgery got moved! Hopefully it will go smoothly next week. And Yay! for the peanut test results! I cannot imagine life without peanut butter, I hope the challenge goes well. I went running to night, and like you, feel so much better for it - must be those endorphins :-)

  7. I have been focusing on the veggies and fruit thing too.
    I think now I'm even not feeling so great if I haven't had a lot of veggies.
    Did I start a good habit?
    I hope so.

  8. I sympathize with the ear tubes. My Maddie got them last year and this year has been AMAZING! Before, we were in the doctor's office every other month with another ear infection. Now, I like my doctor and enjoy his company, but it really was too much. I hope that she does better once she gets them!

  9. I just ordered the Jillian Michaels DVD. Pretty sure I'm going to die, but it should be interesting. Do I need anything besides the DVD? Besides maybe just starting with a different, more athletic body? LOL


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