Friday, June 19, 2009

Hi Lo: June 19th

1) Fr. Dave (Maggie's godfather) who has been studying in Rome, has returned to the USA! We are so excited to have him around for the summer, and we get to see him soon :)

2) OK, since I've been trying to eat better/less and increase the exercise more (over the past 6 weeks or so), I have lost about 12 pounds!

3) We are going away next week to visit my in laws while our house is being painted. We are planning on doing lots of fun things with the kids: DC Zoo, sleeping over their cousins house, swimming in the neighbor's pool, a Pirate adventure, a Discovery museum, etc. They will have lots of fun, and it will be so exciting to come back to a brand new house :)

4) At the beginning of every school year, we join the 35 Week Club...and we just got a check in the mail that we won the big prize: $500!! Wow, God is so good (and super cool)! That money will help paint our house :)


1) Speaking of painting, we have been rethinking the paint colors, and it has me so stressed out. The painters need our answer today, you all will have to wait for the finished product!
What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. I hope I didn't confuse you with the paint colors???? Go with your gut!!! Don't listen to anyone even me!!! It's your house!
    And 12 pounds??? Jealousy!

  2. WOW! Congratulations on the big win!
    Please do share...what's the 35 Week Club? You have me curious!

    Have a wonderful vacation and I hope you get those colors worked out!

    My entry for today is on
    Thanks for hosting this great meme Colleen!

  3. $500 wow congratulations! Yes, God is truly amazing and loving. :)

  4. 12 pounds!?! Go girl!


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