Friday, July 24, 2009


I am writing this on Wed, to post on Friday because on Thursday I am having my wisdom teeth out. They must come out because they look like this:

The doctor said I wasn't the oldest patient he ever had, but I was getting up there ;)
Real nice, doc, to make a thirty year old feel ancient.

I'm thinking I might save the teeth for a crafty project I have in mind:

I hope removing my wisdom teeth doesn't make me stupider. Oh, wait, that can't be possible!

Anyway, hopefully by the time you all are reading this I will be at my mom's house recovering nicely. And feeling good from all the drugs I plan to take :)


    But I DO hope that you don't suffer much...God bless you with a swift recovery.
    Since I don't see a HI/LO here this week...I'll leave my link on this post if that's ok:
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  2. oh yuck! I hope it goes well for you and that it isn't too painful!

    I had a pretty bad experience with mine 2 years ago. I think the oral surgeon was just bad. The area where they were taken out hurt for so long and it took me forever to get back on hard foods. And I found out I can't take vicodin because it makes me sick, so I had a choice of be in pain or feel really sick. Oh the memories!

    Maybe you'll be lucky and get to look like a chipmunk with stuffed cheeks too ;)

  3. Great post! Too funny! Take care and fast healing!

  4. Girl you are funny....wonder how you are feeling right now?
    Hope you heal fast and aren't in too much discomfort.

  5. Awww...I hope you recover quickly. Poor thing. I had my last wisdom tooth out when I was 28. So you are old. :)
    But hey, I got the chicken pox when I was that is OLD. :)
    Take care, suz

  6. Too funny Colleen (says said woman who HAS NOT just had her wisdom teeth taken out!!). I'm hoping the drugs are kicking in and that you feel our prayers. Speedy recovery! I know when I had mine out in my early 20's and just a month after getting married, it was no picnic. Blessings!

  7. Ohhhhh, hope you are nice and comfy at your mom's, and feeling better quickly!

  8. Those earrings are DISGUSTING. :P


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