Friday, August 14, 2009

Hi Lo: August 14th


1) Phil and I took the "littles" (Eamon & Maggie) blueberry picking with my MOMS Club. It takes a long time to pick blueberries, but they are so delicious!! And inexpensive!!

2) We made a French Silk Pie from a recipe in Cook's Country and it was DELICIOUS!! But very, very rich.

3) My knee looks much better. I would post a picture, but there seems to be a forest covering the scabs, which I'm sure you wouldn't want to see ;)

4) As I posted yesterday, but deserves to be acknowledged again: J-P can eat peanuts!! Five long years of keeping him away from peanuts and all other nuts is over. He can now eat anything and everything.

5) Eamon went to his first school-related event on Wednesday with Andrew. They went on a field trip to a Children's Museum and had tons of fun. We are trying to get Eamon used to the idea of going to school and being away from home...okay, who am I kidding, he is READY, I think it's us that are not.

6) I had two of my cavities filled, which is sort of a low, but it stopped the pain I was having, which is definitely a HIGH!
7) We went to the beach on Sunday morning as a family (don't worry, we went to Mass on Sat night!), and met up with my sister and her two girls. We practically had the whole beach to ourselves and the kids were so well behaved (meaning that the "littles" weren't trying to run in over their heads) - it was one of our best beach days ever!


1) While at blueberry picking, Maggie gagged on a blueberry and made herself vomit. Poor girl, she had to go home early with Daddy to get cleaned up.

2) Another Maggie low: while on one of our almost-daily trips to the playground, Maggie fell from the opening at the top of the fire pole down to the wood chips below and scratched her face up pretty bad. We are lucky she didn't hurt herself worse.

3) We were supposed to have a family portrait taken on the beach yesterday, but it ended up raining and being really busy for both the photographer's family (a lovely Mom to 6) and our family, so we will reschedule in the fall.

What are your highs and lows this week?


  1. Here's my entry:
    Glad you had some nice family time...but poor people are having trouble with falling down lately! I'm SO sorry for sweet Maggie. Hope she's feeling better now.

  2. I love reading these and thanks for sparing us a photo of your 'forest'. You are too funny.

    My hi's: Vacataion with my family is going well.
    Lo's: I miss my bed and my dogs. ;)

  3. I love your Hi Lo's - and I triple love that picture of you and the kids on the sea wall!!!! Pretty Mama :) Glad to know that the you are no longer a nut-free home - will make life easier, I'm sure.


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