Monday, August 17, 2009

Two Weeks from Today...

My oldest baby starts FIRST GRADE!!

I can't believe it! First grade just seems so old to me.

Actually, everything he does seems so old because he is my first born.

John-Paul is such an awesome son.

He is sweet and sensitive and brilliant.

He loves to read, play sports, swim, draw pictures, and play with his siblings.

He helps out Mom and Dad all the time (in fact, sometimes I think we rely on him a little too much) and he eats whatever we give him.

He hardly ever complains about not being able to afford things, he just seems to get it.

He lets his little brothers chose what they like first (usually) and then takes whatever is leftover.

He tells me I look beautiful, and wants to grow up big and strong like Dad.

He gets excited over the simplest things ~ a trip to the playground, ice cream for dessert, going to the grocery store.

He is shy around kids his own age, but wants to be their friends so badly. Especially the "cool" ones, which are usually the troublemakers.

He loves to sing and has a pretty decent voice, and can shake his booty with the best of them.

He still gives me hugs and kisses at home, but is starting to get embarrased if I try to do it in public.

He wants to be an astronaut, and an artist, and a father when he grows up.

He still mispronounces some words like "thirst" for first, and "firsty" for thirsty.

He thinks it's really neat that he is getting freckles on his nose, just like Mom.

He just picked out sneakers with laces, because he is getting too big for velcro now. (Excuse me!)

He shares my birthday, and he shares my heart.

John-Paul, you are getting too big - I'm gonna have to put that brick on your head to keep you little forever. I love you!!


  1. So sweet. My oldest is going to first grade, too! I got the same thing about the velcro, lol!

    BTW, love the new van. Congrats!

  2. So sweet! My second is going to 1st oldest? 4th! So not ready! We start 2 weeks from tomorrow.

  3. Congrats, Mom!!! This is just the beginning of a wonderful ride! Enjoy! Cathy

  4. What a wonderful son you have! I bet he's excited to start! A new phase in family life can be a bit overwhelming but I'm sure you will all handle it just wonderfully with the help of God!

  5. he sounds like a sweet little kid. my oldest is going to 6th

  6. Clearly he is a special boy. So nice that you can see and appreciate him so much.
    BTW: after 1st grade...the rest is a blur. ;)

  7. It's CRAZY, isn't it, how fast they grow? My oldest will be entering 2nd grade on Thursday. You know what that means? FIRST HOLY COMMUNION in April. Holy COW.

    I love the smile on the face of your handsome little boy! He looks just as sweet as you've described him!

  8. I love your Bloggers Prayer! Brilliant and funny! And true... I was nodding, going "Yeah, I do that, too.."


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