Friday, August 28, 2009

HI LO: August 28th


1) I got to see my newest neice today! She's a beautiful girl with a beautiful name: Clare Elizabeth. The labor was fast, and everyone is happy and healthy.

2) I had a wonderful exchange of emails with one of my favorite bloggy moms, Aubrey. She gave me some wonderful advice, put my mind at ease, and was an empathetic soul. Thanks Aubrey!! I wish we lived closer.
3) We went to the beach the other day with Laura's family, and Rose's family and had an awesome time. Some of us may have gotten a little sunburned, but we're healing :) My camera lost a bunch of pictures, but they have posted them on their blogs.

4) It has been a much cooler past couple of days - and I AM LOVING IT!!!

5) Eamon is being much more regular about pooping and peeing in the potty, thank God! Of course, he has to get dressed by himself, so I often find his underwear in this state:


1) Last Monday, when Andrew had been coughing for 5 days straight, I called our doctor and was told that because he had no other symptoms, theere wasn't much to do for him. Then we called back on this past Monday because it still wasn't going away, and he was up a lot at night. The doctor said to bring him in, and it turns out he had an infection in his chest and was wheezing. They gave him antibiotics and steroids, and he finally slept the night through! It is a reminder that you have to be your own advocate when it comes to your child's health.

2) I am thinking about giving up on the CPA Exam. I am just not finding enough time to study, and even when I do, I am scoring REALLY bad on the practice exams. I used to be such a good student, but there's too much going on around me to focus on this right now. I am praying about it. I don't want to give up, but I also don't need this stress right now. Maybe when all the kids are in school and I can have a little more time.

What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. Hi: Florian is 3 months old!
    Lo: Hubby is working the local fair all weekend, just when I'm feeling needy!

  2. My hi this week: My underwear looked a bit like Eamon's and I thought it was a good look on me. No? :0
    Congrats on the new baby/niece. She is gorgeous!!!

    Hope Andrew is feeling better...this thing with sick kids, it is tricky for us moms.


  3. Baby Clare is beautiful! Congratulations on the newest edition to your extended family!

  4. I took the CPA exam pre-husband, pre-kids. I can't imagine doing it with a family to care for. Be good to yourself. If you need to put it on the shelf for a while, it will be there later.

  5. Eamon is so gleeful in those pictures!

  6. Congrats Auntie Colleeen!! a beauty indeed!

    I'm with you..isn't it wonderful to be supported by other bloggy moms? Yes, the downside is that most often they are hundreds of miles away!

    Hooray for Eamon! Even if the undies aren't EXACTLY on the way they should be. Love his smile in the photo. He looks so proud of himself!

    I'll pray for right discernment for your CPA Exam. If there's anything I've learned in the last three years, it would be that something that might seem right and good, but still adds any amount of stress on yourself, is just not worth it. If it means some things go on the back-burner for now, it's best not to over stress yourself.

    BTW, I blame 'Mommy-Brain'!! It's not that you aren't still a good student, it's just that after children our brains get a little out of whack! :)

  7. Keeping praying about the exam. God will let you know what to do! (I can only imagine how hard it would be to find time to study with everything you have going on!)

  8. that is one beautiful baby.

  9. These photos bring back memories of Pedro when he was small. Under pants were also back to front, shoes on wrong feet, caps back to front, but so cute. Photos are the best memories you can have. You have got beautiful children. Enjoy them. Congratulations on your baby niece. she is so cute. I wish you all the best for your exam. God will guide you through it, whether you do it now or later on. God bless from South Africa.

  10. Hi: William turned 6!
    Lo: My trip to the store Tuesday morning with the 4. It was bad.

    Yeah Mom for getting Andrew to the Dr. & on the meds he needed. Hope he's going lots better.


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