Friday, September 18, 2009

Hi Lo: September 18th

1) I gots a new do! 2) We know some of the nicest people ever. On Sunday, a family friend (who is a homeschooling mom of 6, a photographer, and an author) generously offered to take a portrait of our family on the beach. Maggie was not very smiley, but hopefully we'll be able to salvage a few. I can't wait to see them!

3) Football season!! The first Patriots game was on Monday night, and we had our weekly football party with 16 people in attendance! Great food and fun was had by all...especially since the Pats managed to win in the end, not their best performance, but we'll take it!!

4) Had an awesome day today with just Maggie. Usually on the days I'm not at work, I have Maggie and whomever else I'm babysitting that day (nieces, nephews, friends). Which is actually such a blessing because then they babysit for me while I work. But once in a while it is such a treat to only have one baby at home. We went shopping, to the gym, and then to a playground. Fun!!

5) When I was at the gym, the lady in the daycare center gave me her 10 year old son's old Leapster game system. She said her son had outgrown it, and she knew we had four kids and wanted to give it to us. God's generosity NEVER ceases to amaze me!

6) Weather is awesome!!


1) Eamon woke up in the middle of the night on Monday struggling to breathe. Phil got out the nebulizer and we gave him a treatment, but then brought him to the hospital because he wasn't getting any better. They were there for 4 hours from midnight until 4am and in the end found out he had croup. He's on medicine now, and has been acting fine ever since he got back. Breathing issues in the middle of the night is quite scary, but thank God it's all good now :)

2) Didn't get to work out 2 days this week :(

What were your ups and downs??


  1. Well I really don't know what my high this week is...I did get to see my dad this past Sat which was nice. My lo? Well I don't really have one of those either...alot of rain this week and my neice had a wreck she is fine but her truck...not so much.

  2. Wow! Your hair looks LOVELY!
    Football night at your house sounds like a blast!
    Sorry about Eamon's croup...once, when my daughter had such a severe attack of it (that I actually thought she was going to stop breathing on me)my pediatrician told me to stick her head in the freezer for a few moments during the next attack...IT REALLY WORKS!

  3. Oops...forgot to leave my entry link:

  4. Lovin' your new do! Sounds like a great week! I'm gearing up to try taking the girls portraits myself this year. Wish me luck ~ I think I'm gonna need it :)

  5. Love the new 'do. SO cute!
    Hope your little guy is feeling better.

    Hi: It is Friday.
    Lo: I am grasping for some joy today. :(

  6. OH NO! You're a Patriots fan! Sorry, but we root for those Bills. Good game though. =)

  7. Your hair looks GREAT!! You are so pretty! A smokin hott momma!! :-)

  8. You look gorgeous!

  9. You look most lovely(as always)! Cute new do.
    I hope you will be able to share your family portrait-I bet you all look stunning.

    I hope things keep going better for Eamon soon!

    Sounds like you've had a pretty good week too.


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