Wednesday, October 21, 2009

EMME and WWW: Week Two

{ae filkins}

Week two is over, and I slacked a little more than usual.
Gosh, I'm already cheating too much on my diet - where's my self control?
I was good Tues-Fri and cheated on Monday night, Fri night, Sat night, and Sun night. When I say "cheat" I mean eat whatever I want, and don't count points. I don't eat a whole pint of ice cream, but I do eat a cup of it if that's what I want.

Even in the exercise department, I'm slacking a bit.
I took Thursday and Friday off this week (in preparation for the 1oK Race), but ran 10 miles total and did 3 kickboxing classes. So I guess that was okay.

But the results (somehow) were still good: Lost 2.2 pounds!

So, I'm down 5.4 total and have about 12 more to go.
How is everyone else's journey going?


  1. Good for you...even as a slacker, you somehow succeed. :)

  2. I had a good first week and lost 1.4kg (roughly 3 pounds) but this week was really disappointing as I excerised and was good on the eating side and I only lost 0.4kg (0.8 pounds). So I'm really unmotivated this week. Bye Yvette


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