Thursday, October 22, 2009

How do you sleep at night?

In my striped flannel pj's with clean teeth and a clean face.
In a Queen bed (Oh how I wish it was a King).
With a down duvet in a flannel duvet cover.
Next to my hubby, but not touching him...and not facing him, I need to have my own space and my own air.
On my left side.
With a pillow in between my knees (it makes my back feel better).
With two monitors on (to hear the kids) that are broadcasting the white noise playing in their bedrooms.
Snoring a little (so people say). I don't believe them.
Oh, and drooling a little, as my pillow has evidenced.
Makes for a pretty picture, don't you think?
So how do you sleep at night?


  1. I know what you mean about having some space. After having my boys touch me all day, all I want sometimes is to be left alone.

  2. Very cute Colleen. I sleep much the same way, but in a king and add 2 (snoring)dogs and at least one cat. I need NONE of them to be touching a wonder I sleep at all.

  3. everywhere... at least that's what hubby says..

  4. This is great Colleen!
    We're similar, queen bed, my space (I don't like to be breathed upon!) and on my left side. Only to be awakened several hours later by a litle girl tapping me somewhere on my person asking if she can sleep in our bedroom. :)

  5. heheh I had to laugh at the "not touching part". that is exactly me! I hate to sleep with people touching me it makes me so hot. Mt problem has always been I am so hot all night no matter the season so I usually sleep with shorts and a short shirt too and rarely blankets.

  6. I start off cuddled with the hubs but end up on other sides of the bed from each other.

    and Yay for you on the weight loss and the exercise! Keep it up girl! have you run the race yet or is it coming up?

  7. I really don't like big beds. Steve and I have had a double bed from day one of our marriage. Even when we co sleep with babies, I sleep well and don't think we need a bigger bed.

    I sleep with a nightie generally and quilt.

    I have to have at least two pillows.

    I sleep badly when Steve is not there so maybe I need him too.

  8. Not very well, actually. Insomnia is pretty frequent. But, when I do sleep, like you, I need my space. Until the early morning hours when snuggling is most welcome as I awaken!

  9. Funny! I am the same way. I lay on my left side. Have to have two pillows. No touching or breathing on me. I used to have pillows between my knees when I was pregnant - I also had two of those body pillows - one on the front and another on the back.

    Good post!


  10. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with high sleep/pillow arrangement needs!


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