Friday, October 30, 2009

Hi Lo: October 30th


1) Everyday I work, Maggie is either at my sister's house with her daughters or my friend Laura's house with her son Robby. They all love each other so much, and I'm glad they get to play together!
The Three Amigos (Maggie, Abby and Robby)

Abby falls asleep on the floor in the family room.

Robby gets some fresh air on the porch.

Maggie "at work" at her "desk".

2) I love having our Sunday night gatherings with friends. Whether we watch football, play cards or a board game, it is something we look forward to all week!

Some of the Sunday night crew :)

3) Last weekend, we went to a benefit dinner at a country club to support an upcoming (hopefully) Catholic Radio Station in our area. My parents are Third Members of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, and everyone is trying to pull together to get this project of the ground. See their website here.
1) Just one low this week - I need new glasses after finding that my glasses which used to look like this:

Now look like this:
Anyone have about $300 for some new ones?
Maybe I should make the boys get some part-time jobs since they are the rascals who did this.
On the bright side, it is exciting to get new glasses :)
What were your highs and lows this week?


  1. i used to listen catholic radio all the time in california but they don't have that in Pittsburgh. I can hear it sometimes on sirius in my mom's car but we don't have that in our car....

    you are so lucky to have family help you out to watch your kids so you can work. No one on either side of our families would ever help us out in that regard, not even for an hour.

  2. Hope the radio station works out. I checked out their website. Looks great! We just got a new Catholic AM station about an hour away, but I am able to get in online and in my van. It has a few local programs, but mostly Relevant radio for now.
    New glasses! Costly, but yes, a little fun to get new ones. I only wear mine in the evenings, so I always get Walmart inexpensive ones :)
    Okay, now I've gotta go get voting for Maggie! :)

  3. That stinks about your glasses! BJ's has really cheap contacts and glasses I just discovered them after years of ordering online!! Good luck!

  4. my, my, my--what a cute little boy that little Robby is :)

    Maggie and Abby are pretty cute too!!!

  5. Hi Colleen!

    I love that picture of your daughter asleep on the floor. So adorable!

    So sorry about you glasses. Have you ever checked out Zenni Optical? I got some glasses on there for $15 and got some for my daughter for $12 and they are cute!

    Have a wonderful Halloween!

  6. First, Maggie is ADORABLE. OMG, so cute! Second, I just got cute new glasses at Costco for about $110 (not including the eye exam) Maybe check them out?


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